Your gaslight’s out

If, every time you feel a threat
To Comrade Corbyn’s saintly rep
And rush to get your gaslight out,
Revise, reduce and whatabout,
Recall Iago was exposed,
As Janus Jezza grows each nose.
Beware: the sight that you pervert
Is yours and, since the grail you serve
Is false, the sham is all your fault,
Not being present but involved.

Your Johnson’s out

If, every time you feel the threat
Of losing Brexit, you deflect
And rush to get your Johnson out
And flash and poke it all about,
Remember Bobbitt’s sad demise,
As throbbing gobbet swings and jives;
Beware the high of your supply
On which vainglory you rely,
For you, ignoble kin, so keen,
Are fluffers for a libertine.

stupid obstacle

When you find yourself contracting
Just before you give reaction
Coz you know you could explode
If your impulses overrode

With a mind to consequences
Of the various offences
Taken very liberally
By self-appointment to authority

You buy a moment of delay
To measure what you want to say
Against the likely repercussions
Of alerting certain Russians

Trying not to give your foes
Another angle to transpose
Making sure you don’t inflate
Their fear and anger and their hate

But if the fury that you feel
Is losing none of its appeal
And your scorn is justified
Release and know, at least, you tried

You’re only human, after all
And even saints hit Patience’s wall
It’s also more than they would do
Had the stupid obstacle been you

Unwelcome guests

Travel far enough, politically, either to the left or to the right and the extremes of each will meet and blur. Ultimately, neither wins but both are devastating, soul-destroying, in their temporary capture.

The far Right does not win. It englamours by feeding resentment; it says you are special – superior, even – but deliberately overlooked because there is not enough to go round and those in most need – for which read ‘undeserving delinquent’ – keep getting the most help and at your expense. It tells you, therefore, who to dislike, who to hold in contempt, who to fear. It prescribes utopian levels of liberty but scorns tolerance as a weakness and yet insists that you be fragile and claim victimhood whenever and wherever equality of rights are conferred, as though simple parity of human and civic worth were a liberal elitism; as though the scales of justice were only balanced when weighted in their/your particular favour. It levels like a dam.

It is selfish, narcissistic, arrogant, manipulative and shortsighted. It is dangerous and in the ascendant.

The far Left does not win. It englamours by feeding resentment, saying that you should be special but for a few people with power and wealth who think themselves superior and that the only reason there is not enough to go round is because they control it all because of their elitist/neoliberal/crony model. It tells you, therefore, who to dislike; who to hold in contempt; who to fear. It prescribes utopian levels of equal opportunity based on individual need and desire but treats you as a stereotype and insists on clinical homogeneity. It levels down.

It is naive, petulant, manipulative, bitter and shortsighted. It is dangerous and persistent.

Full-on or fag-packet, fascism, totalitarianism, authoritarianism, whether it begins on the left or the right, plays out the same: finger-pointing, resentment, collective paranoia, authoritarian response, censorship, personal paranoia, obedience, resistance, enforcement, punishment, collective fear.

Any extreme, political, religious or social depends upon conformity and control. Motivation may be cynical or ideological, sold as an emergency or in faith but the goal is to gain sufficient, enthusiastic consent for a shared belief. Both start by seizing upon often but, not always, valid grievances and manipulating them in populist appeal to the basest instincts and shallowest fancies. They inculcate appeasement and zeal and rely on compliance and enforcement as the appeal and enthusiasm inevitably falters. They sell it to you as breaking out of your chains but there is nothing freeing about it, unless you hold the power and very much enjoy wielding it. An unwelcome guest it may be but, in this sense, it arrives, incrementally and by invitation. It can be evicted, but, however long it takes to cheat, creep up and settle in, the clear-up and recovery take much longer.

How far is such an administration prepared and willing to go to see the fruition of an entropic ideology? Authoritarianism is employed when those in power fear and do not trust the populations they were elected to serve and represent. Keeping a regimented, submissive population would require more than forced labour, punitive policies and vociferous policing. What if resistance becomes the matched force? ID cards, checkpoints, segregation, armed forces on the streets? How authoritarian would it be ready to be and to what lengths would it go to justify its actions? For how long would it even care to justify them? Perhaps there is none so desperately furious and cruel as a failed and panicking utopian.

hornèd horseshit stew

Tribalistic winds are blowing
Salty, semiotic hues
Where idiotic feudalists
Are winnowing the truth

Their petty banners billowing
With whimsy platitudes
To the cannon fodder wallowing
In hornèd horseshit stew

But the vessel they are following
Is rotting with the mist and mites
And all the options hollow
As the crap is brought to light

And blow by populistic blow
The biggest tells the lowest show
Believing most what least they know
In multiples of what they owe

The nationalistic tally-hoeing
Shot its fox with proxy votes
And the Blighty battle bus is running
Out of road and rope

On every trope of treason, you can see them
Start imploding as they note
The knotted collars they are holding and
Well: let the vassalising villains choke