Putin on the Fritz

Populists are nothing new
Have you seen the cabin crew
Serving up their poison brew
On the many for the few

Shilling on the common ground
Dandy dollars, pinstripe pounds
Brexit baubles all around
Rubles buy you half a crown

If you’re through with Western liberal values
Why don’t you do the monist’s split
Putin on the Fritz
Def’rence hypes and elitist tropes
Established thugs turn under their coats
Take the piss
Putin on the Fritz

Messed up like a crypto-fascist loofah
Chorus scraping like the Oompa Loompa
Up yer jumper

Come with tricks where Uri Gellers
Bend spoon-fed heads and ponzi sellers
Pick n mix
Putin on the Fritz

Blessed with flocks in gaslit-greedy stupor
Cheering fear like proper little troopers
Pooper scoopers

If you mourn for total arian norms
History shows a choice of apt uniforms
Left-right kicks
Putin on the Fritz
Had enough of basic human rights
Up for reinforcing might is right
Mao say quick
Putin on the Fritz

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