If Brexit is yours

If Brexit is yours
Your doing, your cause
And you’re panicked it’s falling to bits
Then you shouldn’t have dared
To so wantonly share
The monkey that backed all your trips

You pushed a fake tale
Now you’re clammy and pale
Because each of its parts is your fix
And you’re starting to squirm
As the people discern
That you won’t even own your shit

You’ve been giving it large
With your hit taking charge
But you’re addled with whimsy and cake
You went over the top
And your whitey won’t stop
Until you admit you are half-baked

All the vacuous lies
And the price you deny
Are the shame that determines our fate
And the high you’ve been on
Is so perilous strong
It is time to comedown and get straight

As the people you’ve wronged
Realise they’ve been conned
Finding will to reverse this mistake
It is you who will pay
If you don’t let them say
If they’d like to remain to escape




When fear is a mist
Hope is a heavy mantle
Of critical mass


Apologies for my absence. I’ve embarked on a Masters in Philosophy. Rabbit hole crazy, huh? All my life people have said “you think too much” though, so I’m going to try something that actively requires it. Still, it is of infinite scope and feels an immense undertaking. Headspace/time is a bit tight. Posts here may be sporadic.