My name is Juli. I live in Cornwall, in the UK. I write under the moniker ‘juxtaposed’ because I so often feel like I am living side-by-side with the world, more of a witness than a full participant. At my middle-aged core, I know who I am and that I rarely fit in smoothly but even I couldn’t always spot me in a crowd. Like you, I observe, experience, absorb and reflect; sometimes as me, alone, sometimes as though I were just a vessel for the human nebula. This blog is me not minding, much, which it is, so, please, consider all pronouns as interchangeable. Both separate and immersed and subject to change. And always, I sense my higher Constant laughing at my small, fleeting shell and all her petty, earthly foibles. 



We are as cosmic prisms, reflecting, connecting, with infinite vibrations that shake the physical and consume the spiritual. Intense awareness is ours – experience is sharp. We are our teachers and our pupils: scholars of the wisdom well; plunging into Truth and emerging as fountains, sprinkling little drops of consequence and potential.


Thought, made manifest…


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