A world that fits

In the lands of my imagination
There exists a nation, wise,
That’s built on ethical foundations
For to see its people – all its people
Meaningfully thrive

With Integrity and Honesty,
Equality and Liberty,
Its cornerstones on which
All other bricks look and rely.

There, the atmosphere is friendly
And the population wild but kind
For they have made Society’s priority
Achieving peace of mind.
They recognise you cannot
Put a price on individuals
Who see themselves fulfilled
Through their own eyes;
That a populace that’s confident,
Is not inclined to rush
To crush each other;
Even less to jump to judge
And moralize.

For they have learned a treasure
Through the measurement of time:
They understand true freedom starts
In one’s own heart and mind.
And no one dreams to mess with it
Because their own shoes, comfy, fit;
There, everyone’s a valued peer
And so respect and trust exists
Among them in all spheres.

They care and share
They take and give;
With love to spare,
Can dare to live,
For they have grown
To know the things of common need
And sown the staples, stable, rich
To leave them plenty time and space
In which to be
And nourish their own precious gifts.

There, they have built a world that fits
The people who must live in it.


Parity glimpses
Light dancing in harmony,
Wise of consonance.

May we find our balance. Good Equinox.



Gender parity
Be taken as a given
Push in and push on

International Women’s Day 2018: “Now, more than ever, there’s a strong call-to-action to press forward and progress gender parity – #PressforProgress” 🌹

Right to Remain

Most Remainers would like to be wrong about Brexit. Wouldn’t they? Much as Brexit voters might find this a difficult notion to absorb. For all the scorn and horror and bitter resentment, most Remainers did not become so out of any great fondness for the European Union. Their lack of positivity and inability to make an enthusiastic, emotional case to stay in, during the referendum campaign, is often remarked upon. The official Remain campaign was dull, inadequate and complacent but Remainers, generally, were pragmatic about their EU-scepticism when they voted to stay in. They weren’t sold on the EU but they certainly weren’t buying the snake oil of Leave.

Not only was the EU not an important issue to Remainers but Leavers’ reasons were not even logical, unless they were framed as disconnected factors which, of course, is impossible. As is being borne out, Sovereignty, Democracy, Law, money, security, border control, etc, etc cannot be thought of and managed in isolation, as though they were simply independent of each other.

Project fear was and still is Leave’s automatic call and response to any awkward question and inconvenient analysis. And here, Leavers continue to miss the point: that Remainers’ lack of enthusiasm for the EU paired with a pragmatism that supports the EU would strongly indicate that Remainers were much more capable than Leave of being objective when interpreting the devilish details, choices and consequences. They still are. Remainers simply were not attached to an ideological outcome sought by tribal agendas. They were more attached to practical wisdom in a real-world setting. They still are.

If Remainers seem fond of the European Union, now, it is because, over the last two years, they have learned more about it and come to appreciate, value and respect its purpose and its import, not just to this silly little island outcrop but to the shifting body politic of the entire shrinking world.

If Remainers are wrong and Brexit really does become the huge success it was peddled as, it will be the result of a quite undeserved luck, being as far away from good sound judgement as it is possible to get. It will be a flaming miracle, in fact but, rest assured: most Remainers will breathe as big a sigh of relief and cheer as loudly as Brexit’s most prolifically vacuous leaders.

Road to Brexit

The Road to Brexit
Is lined with speeches
By tall-tale preachers
And good will leeches.

Bit late to be “concerned about constitutional integrity” you flaming interminable Brexit bozos.

Shit. Sorry, I forgot: we’re supposed to be kind and patient and show respect for and understanding of the collective of numpties who still insist that they knew perfectly well what they were voting for and that they completely understood the national self-harm they were inflicting on everyone as they hurled their vacuous vitriol at Remainers and confused their own ignorant treachery for actual patriotism…

In contrast to the EU’s emphasis on process, the UK government’s emphasis has been on publicity.

All the EU is doing is presenting the legal reality of the UK’s own demands.

Understanding why Britain has been so regularly and comprehensively outplayed

Changing of the Guard

Young ones
are once
and not for long

And, Darling, some get
so very short
a run

in a country of an age
for young guns

canaries sing
hands wring
and record the sums

A fat lady tunes her ear…

new shoots break clear
outgrow old thought
to root the future with

valiant hearts
and open countenance

Young once comes
and brave
tomorrow will take
a lifetime

If you seize today


I think and feel that I’ve fallen too short of my whole self, this last year. Too angular; too sharply channelled through too few facets of the prism. Reflecting shadow, both my own and not mine, has been cathartic, intriguing, spiralling but would hollow through the inadequacy of its ease.

Faith in Humanity, has been rattled but not destroyed nor yet diminished. Faith in my own has been more tested but it will not fail. We fall that we may rise…

Anger to replace the tears
Delaying fear for the state of humanity
In the very expression of it.
Eat the soul to feed the words;
Become what is looking.

No: Soul can cope. But must she?
And can the air, made acrid where she talks?
The heart and mind say she doesn’t have to.
Rest, now, there is no gap to fill.

I danced with the lashing rain until
I was a lash. Let more words spill
In softer drops. And walk between the shards
To deeper in. There, stand in the storm’s quiet place
And look it in the eye.


To those of you still here, still reading, I thank you for your patience. To those of you who come for the snark, I’m not about to go all fluffy unicorns and angels light but I will try not to be quite so sharp-tongued and unforgiving quite so often. Even if that means writing less. But, who knows: maybe it will lead to writing more… xXx