There will always be poor people in the land
Of Plenty Opportunity
When Poverty shall be among the asset classes
That the vulnerable may be like unto property.
And the serf shall serve the wealthier
That one shall be milked for the other’s money.
And all shall be hell
And all manna of things shall be swell
For those with shares in the honey.

Lowering Welfare

Low tax, low welfare‘ – because nothing shows the twisted logic of an integrity deficit better than CallmeDave’s perverse desire to make ill-being less expensive…

A “lower tax, lower welfare society”
Chillax, I’m Alright Jack decrees…
Decrease the means,
Increase the price
From which escape precarious life –
Shrink the cake and double the slice;
Raise the threshold of choice and rights
With magical beans of crony tripe –
Yeah, that’ll lower well-being, all right.

[A merry-go-round is supposed to be fun but the ones enjoying the ride are those who can most easily afford not to be on it.]

an aeon space

Out of sync:
spectral thinkings
an aeon space
beyond this yesterday speak.
Haunting that crowded place;
moving as faint imprints on cathedral veils –
all pale relief, as light, forsaking heat.