The status quo is the devil we know

The status quo is the devil we know
It’s the baby in the bath
Where the mainstream flows
It’s the well-worn path
Where the moderate goes
It’s the centre stage
Of a telling that shows
Being on the same page
As a gauge [*taps nose*]
Of tradition in the trends
In the democratic prose
Where the strength to bend
From the common joint grows
As a jumping-off point
To accommodate the ratios.
And stasis may be bruising
And its comfort can be cold
But the treadmill keeps us moving
Sure enough to bring the bold
And a reference that is shared
Is our collected hope and sorrow
And a population better spared
Its villains on the borrow
So the devil in the detail
Is the detail we should know
As the acorns we are hailing
Are the oak trees of tomorrow.

There should be a special noun for that…

This is not ‘a Clash of Civilisations’
This is Civilisation crashing. Humans
Bashing, lashing out with little more
Reason than that some group nesting
In an ivory tower or some charismatic
With a self-entitled power over a herd
Can, with a few choice words, find an
Economic, socially demonic benefit in
An insidious suggestion or two. Or ten.
But then, who is still bothering to count,
Dissect and analyse but those with a
Vested interest in variations on the same
Lies? I’m afraid I tend to see statistics,
Polls and trolls as sources of ridicule
These days..

The tragi-comedy of our
Age, writ large – to the decimal point.

The word is, in the Press and on the telly,
Anyway, that all this bull we’re watching,
Reading, arguing vociferously with each
Other over, is where the best debate
Should be. And, of course, this is nearly
All we get to see. All we’re supposed to.
Sheep, obliging in every sphere, on every
Level, from those bestowed with Authority
To those who just suppose they have it.

It’s the most disserving and degenerative
Framing. People all over, complaining about
The wrong details, missing the point, fussing
Over petty nuance but anxiously and so
Conveniently avoiding both the subtle and
The stark realities as plain as day before our

From the everyone must always share
Absolutely everything because it’s only fair
To the I’ll only pay for mine brigade,

From scared, appeasing centrist to the
Lazy relativist – nearly everything reduced by
Elevation – so is populism staged

I could despair! We’re going nowhere while
We focus on the drivel-driven, semi-lucid
(if that, even) ideologues who hog the platforms
And get off on doctrine and irrational paranoia.

Sometimes I feel like logical thought has lost its
Place in the world. And maybe, on the face of it,
It has. Everything is weighed down, coated in
Subjectivity and emotion as though such loaded
Attitudes were not melodrama but universally
Acknowledged truths.

They usually aren’t. It’s become a casual abuse
By projection. A collection of knee-jerks – there
Should be a special noun for that. A ‘reflex’ of

Or at least an acronym:
TAT: Tendentious Atomising Timpani

Or something like that…


[This is from 2014. – Before the Cult of Corbyn. Before Brexit. Before Trump. Good grief, eh?]