Starry beams

Hope, for all you are worth,
In clarions of love to light
A diadem of noble dreams
Upon the aching soul of Earth.

Anoint her with your starry beams,
Each prayer to heal a world of hurt.
In deep of night, make spirit bright,
As midwives to a beacon’s birth.


Merry Christmas. Chanukah Sameach. May you wish high and with all your beautiful might. 💫

I dream an England

I dream an England
of pleasant breezes and nourishing rains;
where the sun warms the heart and illumines the mind
and finds my spirit rising
as the rose inhales the earth and sky,
beyond where flag and anthem fly.
I dream an England
where the holly and the oak embrace
and outward face together, the world to measure
wider than her grade of fruit.
I dream an England
of rivers, where memory flows
in clear pursuit of wisdom; where empathy brooks
and inspiration springs.
I dream an England
where integrity sings from the very rocks
and every pebble speaks dignity and honour;
where the civic climate makes us stronger
and friction knows civility and growth is grace.
I dream an England
where the Commons teems with life; where thrives
a state of every colour and each Being is valued
as a work of art and race is what Love does to the heart.

Merry May

Merry May
the rays ignite
a higher, wiser, inner sight
and fire in the belly
quicken, now, our power
raise the Just in common might

Time and tide (Everybody out!)

Everybody out!
There’s a reckoning to come
Punch out; time’s ticking

Britons to the quick
There’s a kicking to be done
And con men to rout

We shall overcome
Grab your pitchforks, everyone
Tide is turning fast

One collective push
And the tower tumbles down
And the crown is passed

Time and tide are now
All together we are in
No doubt we can win

Democratic clout
Bring social justice in with
Everybody out!

Spirit shots

I reached out…
Love was there:
the kind of love
that restores your faith
in Humanity
in yourself
the kind of love
that renews
that strengthens the very core
that reminds you who You are
touches the heart
fills the spirit…
And I soaked it up

My deepest gratitude to all who responded to my previous post. I have been overwhelmed by your concern and solidarity; your empathy and kind wishes. My spirit is greatly lifted and a lifted spirit is the most powerful medicine I could possibly have need of. Thereof do I derive all my strength. Thank you, for helping to boost it. xXx ⚡️

Do not apologise

Do not apologise for seeking social justice.
Do not apologise for believing in a higher ethic.
Do not apologise for expecting competence and integrity
in our leaders; in our institutions.
Do not apologise for wanting better for yourself;
for your children; for your fellow Beings.
Do not apologise for respecting our planet
in our taking; in our sharing.
Do not apologise for imagining a future of peace;
of freedom; of dignity
but welcome your humanity.
A kinder world is possible; is waiting.