About Juli

I am a cosmic prism Reflecting Connecting With infinite vibrations Which shake the physical And consume the spiritual Intense awareness is mine Experience is sharp I am my teacher and my pupil A scholar of the wisdom well Plunging into Truth And emerging as a fountain Sprinkling little drops Of consequence And potential

Hunt, to be blunt

But Hunt, to be blunt
Is a Freudian slip
Twixt thought and lip
With his pinch-me-am-I-dreaming
Beaming, champing at the bit
For the most expensive hump
In the Brexit bed of tricks

His wobble-head pumped
With arousal-heavy heart
For the Tory race to desiccate
Our sensitive parts
As the tub-thumpers, who
Would pimp and screw us too,
View Johnson as a more entertaining tart


Boris believes his own bus

Boris believes his own bus
Got a package of promises for everyone of us

It’s gonna be a hoot
Taking the scenic route
Uplands are sunny
And isn’t it funny
Just how many times and on how many things
He can spend the same money

Wooo, here comes a corner
To wipe off the grins
And waaay, it’s downhill
From now on and we’re
Into another bend
Sleeping bag, underwear
Crap flying everywhere
When will it ever end
Please make it stop
Ah, the cliff edge
Thank god
And over we go…

No wonder he pledged
Like there’d be no tomorrow

Putin on the Fritz

Populists are nothing new
Have you seen the cabin crew
Serving up their poison brew
On the many for the few

Shilling on the common ground
Dandy dollars, pinstripe pounds
Brexit baubles all around
Rubles buy you half a crown

If you’re through with Western liberal values
Why don’t you do the monist’s split
Putin on the Fritz
Def’rence hypes and elitist tropes
Established thugs turn under their coats
Take the piss
Putin on the Fritz

Messed up like a crypto-fascist loofah
Chorus scraping like the Oompa Loompa
Up yer jumper

Come with tricks where Uri Gellers
Bend spoon-fed heads and ponzi sellers
Pick n mix
Putin on the Fritz

Blessed with flocks in gaslit-greedy stupor
Cheering fear like proper little troopers
Pooper scoopers

If you mourn for total arian norms
History shows a choice of apt uniforms
Left-right kicks
Putin on the Fritz
Had enough of basic human rights
Up for reinforcing might is right
Mao say quick
Putin on the Fritz

Patrician Charlies

Patrician Charlies marching on
Cry “wolf!” to keep their powder dry
Straw men festooned with silver spoons
And rolled in notes to buy and buy

And who would not be wary when
We know their hazing lines by rote
A lot of hot air whines ‘Mary’
Mother of god, how the guilty float

But a habit is a habit owned
By supplements or patter
Let the masses be passively stoned
The substance doesn’t matter

Farage has come to save the day!

Farage has come to save the day!
Fail and hide then run away
But, no matter, win or lose,
The newsy studios still choose
To let him in and ask him for his views

Farage is phishing everywhere!
Desperate to raise his shares
Through his self-enacted woes
The anti-climax comes and goes
And the broadcasters pretend they do not know

Farage is dredging for his stock
The oldest new kids on the block
Revolutionary bottom-feeders
Crackpot populist inbreeders
Nigel heads a school of fleecing rot

Shout fire! And fuel and fan the flames
Cry wolf! And huff and puff the blame
Be a demagogue for hire
Pimp your liars to your Ponzi buyers
Watch your nation eat a burning shame