About Juli

I am a cosmic prism Reflecting Connecting With infinite vibrations Which shake the physical And consume the spiritual Intense awareness is mine Experience is sharp I am my teacher and my pupil A scholar of the wisdom well Plunging into Truth And emerging as a fountain Sprinkling little drops Of consequence And potential

Embrace Light

But for the grace,
Put down your
Fearful vanity
Rise up
Reach out
With Love
In every face
Your own Humanity

If a butterfly can alter the world with its wings,
what, then, can humans, imagining..?

Merry Solstice 🌻



Another day

In the news today
Another make the bosses pay
Another throw that precious item out
Another have you seen our clout?
Another tale of failure and
Pen-pushers paid to take away
And here’s another day of making something up
And someone, somewhere, feeding it
And someone, somewhere, giving up
Another saying they will not
Some parliamentary member is
An out-of-town investor taking other people’s bets
No, not (quite) patriot by proxy
But a freaky backbench tosspot
Waving signatures as threats
Oh, here’s the Labour Leader busy
Hedging everybody’s bets
Get set: another deselection
#notacult, sir, no sir, gotcha –
Just revoltingly inspired
Heard the Gidiot’s been hired
But the BoJo still has not been fired
Here’s another nasty headline
With another demographic victim
For a witless press inspection
And some ill-informed presenter
Whose researcher went with
What the hell ol’ Blighty’s plastic patriots dreamt up last night
But wait: incoming fright thank Christ
There is that time delay
Swampmonster from across the Pond is now awake
And I’ve already had as much today as I can take…


Horn of plenty
A shitload of promise
But it’s always empty

A bus and a yacht and a sharp-nosed jet
And a blue passport are as good as it gets
In the land of milk and honey
Where the hope is all sunny for
Controlling our borders, our laws and our money

Weep because it’s pitiful and laugh because it’s funny
How the upper lip is stiff but the follow-through is runny