To Mr David Cameron

Mr David Cameron,

Or should I call you ‘Dave’? Whatever. Like many in this land, I’ve got a ton of appropriate pseudonyms for you. But it is ‘Prime Minister’ – that leader label that I find wholly inappropriate. You wear it like a size twelve dress on a broomstick and, even if it did fit you better, it still wouldn’t suit you. No tailoring, no shaping belt, nor accessorizing scarf is going to hide that you are unsuitable for the responsibility of high office.

You are a vessel of utter neglect and incompetence.

I find the way you run the country to be so ridiculously inept as to be obscene. I’m looking at all the false economy; the division you are sowing; the forced decline in living standards; the outrageous arrogance of your ministers; your insultingly simplistic mindset; your superficial value-system and arbitrary beliefs; your ignorance that rides roughshod over nuance; your selective memory; your determination to preserve the neoconservative status quo; your obsession with growth and competition; your fixation with privatising everything. Your disingenuous attempts to dress up an entropic laissez-faire as liberty and choice while ensuring our national impoverishment are an affront to our intelligence.

You practise malfeasance on such an extraordinarily wide scale that I wonder: are you really that relentlessly useless or are you actually wicked? Either way, Call-me-Dave, you must know that you are abusing high office and serving us bunch of crap. I think historians and the social commentariat will be debating it for decades. What a legacy, eh, Dave?

Whichever it is; whether you are choreographing or surrendering, it’s grotesque. You and your party are becoming an unbearable burden on the citizens of this country. It will take an unfathomably high velocity to escape the damage you are wreaking with your ludicrous policies.

Your maladministration is toe-curling and, given your insistence on strutting your same rude, crude, feudal guff on the world stage, it is also excruciatingly embarrassing. Even would-be demigod, Tony Blair, managed to hide the full weight of his messiah-for-hire part until after he’d left office! You seem to have no such patience – nor even the sense! You’re a bloody fool and, whether you mean to be or not, a bloody dangerous fool.

If you go now, quickly and quietly, with at least an attempt at a graceful exit, perhaps the contempt, the scorn, the disrespect, the intense dislike, growing in the hearts and minds of the population: that may yet be diluted.

I suggest you leave, Mr Cameron; that you lead your neoliberal self and your party, towards your last hope at some honour and dignity. That way, Britain and her souls may recover some of theirs.

Regards, Juli

Friend or Foe?

It goes friend or foe –

A friend in need is a friend
Indeed and never more so
Than a new-made frenemy
That shares his foes as a
Mutual enemy. For then that
Friend is a supersede and a
Friend in deed is expedient

Pleasantries done and the
Friend is spun. It’s a fair
Exchange then, to rearrange
Where the parties fit on the hit
Shit list. For birds of a feather
Must stick together, through
Thick and thin – when they’re
In, they’re out; when they’re
Out, they’re in.

So bury the hatchet and marry
The sin until nobody knows
Where the enemy ends and
The friend begins. It’s a perfect
Blend for a fair-weather trend –
Ever friend and foe, whether toe-
To-toe or a shoulder to cry on –
It’s the lie that The Powers That
Be most rely on.

As the idiom goes, either high
Or lower: keep your friends close
And your enemies closer for
There’s no love lost and there’s
No hate gained when the BFFs
Share the same bedbugs and
The rest of the world bears the
Gilded cost.

The world is built with no shred
Of guilt by false devils and gods
Who depend on true heresies
Extending supremacy and one
Must ask: if the emperor is naked
And the mask has dropped: then,
With friends like these, just who is
The enemy and don’t you think it is
Time this stopped?

The whole world wrought

What are we?
Who are we?
What have we become?
What have we done but
That we strut and curse
With Human ignorance
And hubris?

We sew pockets of hell on Earth
And fret when it’s too late
And still yet tell ourselves
That any fiction is infinitely better
Than to fess up; than to face our

The World weeps bloody tears
And suffocates under fractious clouds
That wreck and reek to retching

Sick, the planet heaves,
Clamouring for more glamour
And belief’s cold sweats

Adrenaline free-falling out of

Selective fear and fury
Stalks the Psyche;
Into frozen thought and feeling

The whole world is reeling;
Dancing to discordant tunes

Tectonic Titans crunching
Scraping scraps with blades

All is percussion
And crashing

World made glass and straw
And poisoned shores
In hearts and thoughts
Polluting souls

The whole world wrought
To overwrought and overwhelm
And all for nought.

Lord Almighty, Cameron!

Lord Almighty, Cameron!

You’re a bloody joke!
It isn’t funny
It’s a farce
The sooner
You’re knocked
On your
Very pampered arse
The better.
You’re pathetic, man!

What, call yourself a leader?
Give me strength!

The lengths you’ve been to
To dispel all credibility is
Utterly outstanding.
Even poor old Gordon lacked
So much ability –
And that is no mean feat, now,
Is it?

You are just not fit
To grace the seat you’ve cheated,
Lied and spun
To take and keep
For it was never truly won
And what small right you had has

Evacuate our precious governmental space!

Go take your facile head out of
Our Face, you bleeding imbecile!
You sad disgrace!
It’s clear: you couldn’t steer
A guided missile and we’ve had it

Up to here

The only ‘British Value’ you supply is
Our acute embarrassment.
Now take your farty party and piss off
So that the rest of us can build a
Proper government.

But you were a great time, NHS

For the love of an institution
Cameron ablutes
Grooms by insincere oblations

Prowling with his airbrush

Claims his muse
With effusive art
His heart
All sweeping proclamations
Of flattering attention

No mention
The fleeting passion of gratuitous gain
And one-way satisfaction stains
But you were a great time, NHS
He’s recommended you as game
To all his lusty friends who queue
In quest to love you just the same

Can we sue the Government?

Can we sue our government? I don’t know how feasible this is. There is no research in this post. This is because, not only am I no expert – not on anything actually (though I think I have more inkling than I’m allowing in this post) – but I am sensible enough to know that I could research until the cows come home and it will still come down to the will and authoritative arguments of those who are actually qualified – and maybe a jury. This is just a layperson putting an idea out and into the ether.

Unless one lives on another planet, is one of the deliberately deaf and blind Alright-Jacks or the I’ll-only-pay-for-mine Brigade, one can’t fail to register the growing inequality of treatment, wealth/prosperity and opportunity perpetuated by this Government. For those with eyes to see, the march towards a fascistic system is clearly in view. With mass subjugation by serfdom, corporate control and media-politico doublethink, many woken people have been rightly growing increasingly concerned for some time. And angry. So very angry. And so justifiably so.

We have no mechanism as a citizenry, to hold our governments officially to account, aside from elections. They fixed parliamentary terms with no counter-balance to get rid of an administration before a General Election and tell us they think an election every five years is sufficient, as though we should think ourselves lucky to get that. They don’t even think we need a proper power of recall when it comes to individual MPs! It’s just not good enough, is it?

Can’t We, the People, bring a class action against an entire government? Here, through our own British Justice system. Obviously I have this government in my mind, specifically but, absent the parliamentary will to write such a vehicle into Law as would rebalance our power, I’d also like us to try and set a precedent. Let’s face it: this Coalition is not the first and, unfortunately, probably won’t be the last to abuse us through abuse of office. Can’t we sue them for:

Breach of contract/merchantable quality
Reckless endangerment
Fraud/Insider trading/Accepting bribes
Fiduciary incompetence
Oppression of legal, human rights

Obviously we can’t sue them just because we don’t like government policy, albeit that we don’t like government policy. It has to be grounded in more than mere opposition to political colour or the failed aspirations of a manifesto, particularly when the respondents are a Coalition. As I said, I’m no lawyer or constitutional expert but surely there must be at least one valid charge on that list, (whether or not they are all correct legal terms) or a charge I haven’t thought of, that entitles us to seek criminal or civil justice within our own legal system. Scare the pants off ’em I say! The whole damned lot of them! Surely there is a range of ‘expert witnesses’ on whom we could call and there must be organisations, lawyers, economists, anthropologists and other relevant academics who could help us build a case? Perhaps We, the People, need our own version of the Investor State Dispute Settlement… 😉

Summer Solstice

Day Star
makes zenith
and carpe diem
wakes the wise
Adventurer to
rise and catch
Momentum like
a wave and ride
the solar rays
that light upon
the crop the Soul
has sung and sown
that ripens under
dying Sun, the fruit
the path of Will has

Merry Solstice! 🙂