When we talk about Sovereignty and, just to be clear – I’m speaking exoterically, rather than esoterically – it’s usually in the context of Nation, Monarchy, Independence and European ‘diktats’. At least, that’s how our politicians frame the concept. Funny, really, because what about the Banks and the gargantuan corporations who are literally eating up the planet? What about their incestuous co-dependency and necrotic relationships to governance? What about individuals, so rich and powerful that they can influence policy over everyone else? What has that done to our sovereignty? What about powerful nation investors like China who, for any temporary good they may do, yet buy our futures from under our noses? What about the almost unswerving obedience to and cooperation with the United States? What about the increasingly prescribed intolerance towards certain demographics, both domestic and international? What about the authorised, blanket finger-pointing and derogation of those known to be disadvantaged? What about their subjugation? And how about the fact that we are all susceptible to such arbitrary diagnosis?

We can all think of immediate examples, on many levels, I’m sure…

What and where is our sovereignty? Is it within us? Is it in the land which We, The People own less and less of? Does it show itself through individual autonomy? Is it enshrined in the sacred respect for our participation in ‘Democracy’ and our presumed consent? Are you in control of your circumstances, your future and your world? Who has supreme power and authority over your life? Is it you?

When was the last time you considered your government to be a fair representation of the views and disposition of the majority of your fellow citizens? When was the last time a government reflected the views of a nation? We can all cite examples of inaccurate information and disingenuous framing, can we not? I mean, just look at the demarcation between strivers and scroungers that has been fabricated in the UK. Wonder at the ideological narrative which underpins a ‘War on Terror’. Despair at the clowns in our institutions and seethe at the audacity of those who determined this economic climate.

The perceptions shaped by vested interests are divisive and simplistic and rarely the product of truth. No… Such ‘evidence’ is all too often painstakingly created to serve as excuse and distraction.

We often judge the peoples of other countries by equally dubious narratives, whether by historical stereotyping or political and media positioning. But surely, if we’ve learned anything, it is that the general populace of anywhere is just as misrepresented by their leaders as are we. We shouldn’t presume the existence of genuine sovereignty of anywhere anymore. We should probably assume that a ‘sovereign’ leader speaks only for some. We should not accept convenient, sweeping generalisations from those who claim authority and have the power to enact their decisions. And we certainly should not tar a demographic or even an entire population based on the crazy posturing and destructive actions of their leaders, be they religious fanatics, political despots or democratically elected – and gods save us from those who have managed to combine all three…

Dear Politicians, Bankstas, Corporations, Media and all other Procurers of Terror and Power…

You are a plague of Biblical proportions:

You are the ones who do the negotiating, make the decisions and form the policies. You’re the ones who manipulate the imaginary money, monopolise the commodities, exploit natural resources, incite hatred, create division…

Quite frankly: you’re all gluttonous, paranoid, short-sighted idiots.

You’re the ones who care so little for the real lives of the People that you’ll happily and ruthlessly obliterate our environments, our well-being, our freedoms, our Rights…

You’re the ones who stir the shit, start the wars. You’re the ones who invade governed and ‘ungoverned spaces’, enable fantastical profiteering and have the audacity to call it ‘help’.

You’re the ones who do backroom deals, have ulterior motives, put self-interest first, distrust your citizens and fleece your customers.

You’re the ones who carve up countries, companies and communities with your insulting and simplistic understanding.

You’re the ones who hinder truth, who stretch realities and fabricate stories with disgusting confidence.

You’re the ones oppressing and suppressing and ignoring and neglecting. You’re the ones who cheat and lie, enjoy privilege, collude and profit from the exploitation of disadvantage and naivety.

You’re the ones displaying a grotesque lack of wisdom and integrity, a despicable imagination, dishonour, cowardice…

You’re the ones who seek to keep the masses sufficiently ignorant, confused and weakened in order to control and maintain your dangerous game.

You’re the latest in a long line of Ones who have played with the world like petty Greek gods.

We don’t like your game. It’s your game: you made the whole thing up and it’s obscene.

Yours in anger and impatience, most sincerely,

More People every day.


Where’er you stand, my fellow Beings,
Be it hill or plain or street,
That sky is yours – is ours, we’re seeing
As is the land beneath our feet.

False Flags and red rags wildly flap
Their fears are greater than are ours.
Enough of all this evil crap!
This is our time; this is our hour.

That we are many, be assured,
That ye are mighty, realise
We’re wasting time we can’t afford
Awake! Come forth! Uprise!

She Said

“I’m glad I am the age I am,” she said.
“I’m grateful that the road behind
Is longer than my road ahead,
For all I see is war and fear
And grasping greed by grubby hands:
The dark night of the Soul of Man
Enveloping all creeds and lands.

“There’s poison in the hearts of men,” she said.
“An undiluted self-belief and blinding faith casts
Bloody shadows, hollows Hope and spreads
An everlasting hate which fashions cold
And steals Life’s hallowed grace.

“There is a madness in the minds of men
Whose messianic propagations bend
The Golden Bough and fray the sacred threads
Which then, in haste they darn with fœtid patches
Lest the Light be glimpsed because
The Truth lies in the gaps,” she said.

Dear Club Europe,

We realise you must see us a bunch of uppity, self-righteous carpers when it comes to our membership of the European Club. Please do forgive us, for we are mostly misinformed of what we think we know and ignorant of the remainder. You could say that we honestly don’t know what is good for us and we find we must beg your patience for just a little longer.

Of course, we accept that the inner circle is in a bit of a pickle and we recognise that, what with all the meddling and endless machinations, your hastily knocked up magic trick means you will have your hands full for some time to come. Accordingly, we wish to express our regret that our general whining and non-committal attitude is terribly inconvenient for you and we ask that you make allowances for our sense of irony and comic timing.

It is clear, however, that, between the Magic Zone and the Outer Rim, our Club is struggling rather, with its identity and purpose and we urge you to consider the possibility that we might yet have a point. Furthermore, we would like to suggest the distinct possibility that we are not alone and that other members, of all zones and circles, would also like to iron out some quirks. To this end and, in light of the fact that ‘tits-up’ is the current European reality; it seems that squandering this opportunity would be an utterly tragic waste of a reality check.

We look forward to your response and have full confidence in our mutual endeavours, going forward.

Yours, maybe faithfully,

Some of the UK.

P.S. We are reassured by the invaluable and indomitable enthusiasm of those jolly helpful and insightful chaps in Washington and, naturally, we welcome their objective contribution as an enhancement to the spirit and atmosphere of unfettered cooperation. 

The Unstately Altar

We voted for representation
And got the élite and inept.
A disgrace to the Nation,
You made your oblations
Until there were no assets left.

Uber re-hypothecation –
Our sovereignty being sold on.
And now every ware
In your unstately fayre
Is going for a short song.

The scale of your deification
Of that which is Too Big to Fail
Is mere confirmation
Of your ordination –
You worship an unholy grail.

Europe: blah and blether

Europe is all over the place. Literally and metaphorically. We do not need to make a decision today.

We have nothing to lose in taking 18 months or so to learn properly about the running of the EU: its various ‘departments’, their present structures, their connectedness, their purposes and procedures… To learn what our future global and domestic position would be, both in and out. We don’t need to hear what some people say could or might happen. We don’t need agenda-serving ifs and buts, nor do we need any more distortion and scaremongering. We need the facts of what the EU provides and takes to better measure the value in what is subsumed and we need to understand our legal position and subsequent standing in global institutions for both outcomes.

I think, too, that it would be a good idea to see how the land lies after the result of the Scottish referendum.  By the time Scotland has made its choice we might – no, should – be closer to identifying the bigger picture and thus our long term needs and expectations. Then we will be ready for the inevitable negotiating table. That this no-brainer of time and schedule is consistently overlooked by the hurry-up brigade is, to me, just further indication of how distorted, deluded and farcical our democracy is.

The world is on the precipice of many dramatic potentials which lend themselves to isolationism, world governance, and, perhaps more terrifyingly, our status quo.

If every nation on the planet decided to ‘go-it-alone’ then ok, we can surely stand alone as well as most. Nevertheless, I can’t help but think that’s an unlikely long term  scenario: isolationism and protectionism won’t endure.

Most of the apparent fragmentation within our local and global communities has been carefully manufactured and managed by the usual suspects over decades – centuries, actually. We must realise, or at least not forget, that these are The Powers That Be or Have Become: they do not represent the wishes, needs and dreams of their citizens.   If they have their way the endgame may yield that much talked about authoritarian   global governance, an arrangement which, under the present circumstances could   leave we, The People, smaller, weaker, more disenfranchised and separate than ever. Then the world will feel as unquantifiable and illusory as if it were still unchartered: our superstitions unrestrained and our dependence sealed. If the future is ever to contain a one-world government I would hope it is through an organic process of consent, not a forced fabrication to maintain  arbitrary control.

As for the status quo: well, that can be strung out for a while but it’s still entropic and fatalistically catastrophic.

From here, despite the ugly order and careless chaos currently playing out in Europe and particularly the Euro zone, my instincts tell me that we are better off inside, taking a leading role in building something we can and want to be a part of. I’m not advocating we join the Euro and I have no idea if staying in Europe will ultimately require it – that’s part of any negotiation – but I’m not so sure that it’s going to disappear either, unless it’s accompanied by the US dollar, the yen, the British pound and all the other established currencies in the IMF’s basket.  The world is a small place: largely comprised of geo-political cultural and economic blocks, each seeking, ignorantly, increasingly violently and always clumsily to assert itself in matters of territory, religious ideology, military might, socio-political and economic theory.

Anyway, my instincts say that if Club Europe gets it together and we are significant members, then it would be a strong, viable and rational counter-balance to say, the in-your-face, my-way-or-the-highway Might of the United States and the enigmatic and introspective Might of China…

However, while that is my intuition speaking as much as my logic, I know I can cope with a stay in or get out result so long as the decision is made by well-informed and sufficiently emotionally detached voters – and if the margin of majority is undeniably representative. If this can be guaranteed, insofar as anything can be, then I am quite unafraid of the result.

We might be better off in; we might be better off out. I don’t know with enough conviction to vote now because I don’t know what kind of Europe I would be voting for or against.  I do know I’ve read and heard a lot of superficial spin by all political colours that seem determined to supply sympathetic data but no reliable evidence. Emotive persuasions can be very useful if employed to wrestle consciously and honestly with the issues, but the self-interested arguments of those who are supposed to serve and or represent us during the inevitable national campaign must be clearly distinguishable from the facts.

Because emotion and crony bias are so insidiously woven into our political and media sources, we have surely learned by now that we have dig underneath their blah and blether to call them out. The only way the facts are going to surface with regards to our EU position is through time and insistence. Now. Not half way through or, as has become customary, after the decision has been made. It’s time we demanded, of our domestic powers at least, that they stop positioning us.