Logjam Cam (#TVDebates – #GE2015)

He knew it was risking too much to appear
On TV with his main oppositional peers
Lest pretence became all too abundantly clear
That he has no defence for his leadership years.

So Call-me-Dave wrangled, all Divo a-dangle
High-handing his arrogance on a gold plate
And his posse-by-proxy manhandled to strangle
The fate of a woefully unsurprised State into
Showing him hiding as one head entangled
In brevity measured to crowded debate.

“This is our final offer” Cons proffered in haste
After months of a chaos they’d fought to create
And the broadcasters’ practise did keenly berate
For the leaving of times and the terms far too late.

And the country cried chick chick chick…
Watching Dave run
From the hum of his shit
And his enemies’ guns
And the fun carried on when his frenemy, Clegg
Made a scramble to lay the Conservatives’ egg
With a pledge to stand in for the big head-to-head.

But the Nation retorted contempt for the farce
That was kicking Democracy right up the arse
As it witnessed, transfixed by the tragic hilarity
Spinning absurdity into a clarity
Is this the way Logjam Cam governs every day?
Yes, dear UK! Every day is the same
He’s a fool as a rule and his tool is to blame
Though in all of his reign this late gambit has been
His most transparent action of any I’ve seen.
It’s this clot and his flotsam that clog us in rot
With this neolib crap that we need to unblock.


16 thoughts on “Logjam Cam (#TVDebates – #GE2015)

    • I’ve used it a few times over the last couple of years. Can’t remember where I first heard or read it but I think it’s been well-used in several circles of thought.


      • So do you feel OK for me to share & state to others that it was an acquaintance of mine named “Juli” who induced me to be aware , insured & protected from one’s frenemy’s ? or is it frenemies . I never knew or had a similar circle .


      • By ‘circles’ I meant types of things I’ve watched and read. Stuff that is in the public sphere, rather than my private ones. As I’m not claiming it’s my word it’s up to you if you say where you found it.

        I would say ‘frenemies’ is the plural of frenemy. No apostrophe needed unless you are describing something that belongs to a frenemy – ie: my frenemy’s battle / my frenemies’ battles.


  1. This is great ๐Ÿ˜€ The more he tries to disappear, the more he is shown up! Sort of like the Emperors new clothes, only it will take someone to show people just how naked this idiot is., he’s so naked he’s transparent! (I don’t like the thought of that, it’s like looking at his picture with him all lardy, red, slicked back hair and wet after swimming in the sea *blurgh*)

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