Down Tools

How dare you denigrate the right to strike!
We’ll withdraw our labour if we think it’s justified.
You can harp and carp about the turnout
Threshold just as much as you all like but
Don’t expect respect for it since, by your
Score, you’ve less mandate to govern than did
Any other cretin that has gone before.

Don’t question our decision with your
Pompous arse derision. Rather, ask yourselves
Just why and how it is so many workers find
Themselves in this position. Oh, do not presume
To lecture us about our worth! And as for spouting
Out your tripe-filled doubts as to our own integrity:
Check yours, you crony bully boys because your
Dirty little ploys are quite the very grit of it.

So, bring your noise, you harridans – We’ll raise you
Clarions with banners, whistles, drums enough to
Make the hills to smoke, until the Justice in our
Kingdom comes and you and all your neoliberal
Chums are choking on your double-thinking,
Double-speaking, worthless poxy plums.

For, we are not the ones who let the country
Fall so ill. And we are not the ones who filled
And fill the World with poison, still. And none
Of us deserves your trumped-up austerity pill.
This world is ours as well and if disruption is
The road we have to take to keep a purchase
On our rights to live a decent life: you betcha
That we damned well will.

13 thoughts on “Down Tools

    • Oh, Sarah, thank you! What a compliment! And what a wonderful thought! I fear, though, that I should forget my own name if I ever had a live audience.. 😉


      • Ah, but I won’t as it’s my original profession so may be…we could put a little something together, even if it is just a video or audio to sell rather than a stage show. Perhaps we should think on’t. 🙂

        Oooooooooh.. I shall think on’t indeed! Juli 🙂


  1. I do not give out my compliments to organizations or politician’s easily or readily Juli.
    You are neither of these ! You are a unique & talented wordsmith , a special flower blooming in an arid desert , one so rare to humanity . You are my voice, the voice of so many in the UK . We want to hear all of your words of creativity . Fly Juli, FLY it is your moment, your month ,it is July.


  2. So Juli , that’s two of us who think your ” ******** ” . Tomorrow you shall bloom a thousand times in the hearts of many who need that which you offer and give so readily.


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