Sacred Plastic

Civilisations crash on.
Ascended masters,
primed upon the shores
of hardened categories

All is vainglorious pursuit,
beautifully underscored
by more irreducible hubris
than any terrestrial cell
can bear

Each corsair marque knells
darkly forged superlatives,
crowned under sure-thought

The whole world round,
bound by the autocratic
missives of faux gods –
all middlemen wielding
clarions that gild the lily
and the lotus
and the rose
in sacred plastic

Divinity, removed, must
gaze in wonder as the
puritanic classics prove

Locust Picnic

If you go down to the hood today
You’re sure of a pack of lies
And you will see some bulls and some bears
Each swapping their empty vials

And ev’ry bloke that trades analogue
Is gathered there unwitting because
The day can’t wait to play with their suckered psyches

If you stray out of the hood to pray
You still can’t escape its grip
For governments and beggars for rent
Will bill you the beastly shit

Coz ev’ry cor’prate man with a plan
Has friends in charge or under command
To cash in now on derivatives of maybes

The creeps who run in the hood today
Construct the future on sand
They mock, they block with TINA’s old stock
Dismissing sense out of hand

For hopium is out for the kill
Farewell goodwill, hello poison pill
They’ve leveraged us over the edge of reason

If you go out to the edge and look
You’ll see that we’re being screwed
If you connect all the caused effects
You’ll see that the emp’ror’s nude

For every scheme and scam is a deed
To dress their greed in common good weave
And how we lose belief in our dreams forever

If you don’t yet see the hood for thieves
You’d better get wised-up quick
The bastards have their eyes on a prize
And your ostrich state’s a gift

For ev’ry locust ever there was
Is preying on the world just because
They’ve come to think the whole planet is their picnic


In Danced Stupidity,
Instantly Dissembling Since
Ingrowing Deference Syndrome
Invariably Displays Superiority,
Icarian Dreamed, Selling
Inglorious, Doggedly Spurious
Inaccuracies, Deliberately Spun
Into Damning Spite
Igniting Derision So
Insistently Driven Since
Insidious Diatribe Seeks
Increasingly Determined Scapegoating,
Invoking Duff Suppositions,
In Desperately Shortsighted
Idiots Dithering, Signifying
Incredibly Dangerous Sophistry
Infinitely Dealing Some
Ingredient Drivel, Serving
In Delight Such
Inane Detrimental Shite
Inciting Dismal Service
In Denial’s Succour
Ignorantly Deigned, Successfully
Inviting Deathly Shame.

Daily Mail – Junk Mail

It is because I love this land that I despise
Your dirty rag. It is because I love this planet
And humanity in all its hues that I have never
Purchased you. And yet your reputation,
So preceding is it, that I’ve never needed to,
For what you do and say is parroted from every
Right-wing quarter every day and poured into my
Eyes and ears by all your corporate, mainstream
Peers as though your narrow, xenophobic tract
Did constitute empirically known fact.

But you are everything you claim to hate –
So rabid in your enmity of citizens and State.
You make your living sieving any information
That ingratiates you to the racists, homophobes,
Misogynists, elitists and the nationalists who’d
Have us in our places. You are bigots with a
Passion for a petty use of microscopic focus;
You are locusts to the fields of understanding,
Tolerance, compassion and perspective; an
Invective to goodwill and unity and common

You are the dumbest form of patriot, besotted
By false flags, nametags and high-horse myths
With which to moralise. It might be funny if your
Preaching wasn’t reaching the messiahs set on
Profitable power and the happy-to-be vacuous,
Enthralled and tooled up with perceived consent.
Yes, you’re a self-important vent to fundamental
Imprecision and pernicious propaganda for a
Willing and uncivil baying mob that sees a virtue in
The seizing of some value from your puritanic gob.

LibDem Flimflam

Lib Dem flimflam,
Everyman to any man.
Discernment trashed
For power dash in
Sandals swapped
And values cropped
For fickle, feckless
Flip flops.
Integrity displaced;
Credibility replaced.
Constant grazers with
A panoramic face.
Fib Dem shaftocrats:
Water off a duck’s back.
A niche in capriciousness.
Specious claims for
Squalid gains.
Plans dropped for
Scams and plots in
National Interest ruse.
Shame exchanged
For hubris blue,
Prove the party’s
Worse than useless.
Toothless shills and
Selfish shysters,
Lame excuses for
Lib Dems suffer
Mass delusion;
Serve themselves
Without exclusion.

The West Protests Too Much

It’s about regime change – No! Wait – It’s absolutely not about regime change – except for the Assad must go bit. It’s about security. No, wait a minute: it’s about punishment. Or was that national interest? You want to arm the rebels? Even things up a bit? Which rebels? You know discernment isn’t your best faculty, don’t you? What? Oh, it’s about credibility.. Huh? Sorry, I must have misheard… Did you say credibility? What about the boots on the ground? Yes, I know what you said but is that still ‘a go’ anyway?

Just how stupid do the Dear Leaders think we are? As stupid as them, apparently…

It’s ok for the American, French and British regimes to throw their weight around but when Putin does it it’s suddenly very bad form. Now, I’m no fan of the Putin Regime. I’m no fan of the Cameron Regime, either – or Obama’s. (I also don’t presume that any leader is representative of his/her citizens or subjects either. Those days seem long gone, if they ever existed.) People who agree with the verbal contribution coming out of Russia’s mouth are being deliberately treated as though s/he were a fool who has somehow forgotten or lovingly overlooked Putin’s domestic record and his nation’s history. It’s a good enough proposal that everyone wants to take credit for it but, oh dear, oh dear! How embarrassing for the warmongers: it’s Russia’s coup and Putin knows how to play chess…

The Western powers do protest too much. Except when it comes to China, of course. Funny that…

We are not ignorant of the double standards within the Putin Regime any more than we are ignorant of ours: every pointing finger; every snide remark can be turned back in accusation to our own Regimes. The irony is simply inescapable:

Obama says that America is ‘exceptional’ but he and his Regime seem to have confused the meaning with ‘take exception to’ and ‘make exception for’. I suppose it goes some way to explaining why the US shies away from the International Criminal Court; or why no one can have chemical weapons except them – and perhaps Israel: the former not thus far having destroyed theirs and the latter, not having even ratified the Chemical Weapons Convention. Netanyahu wants Syria stripped of chemical weapons and for the world to ensure that those who use Weapons of Mass Destruction pay a price, but will Benjamin go first? Not likely. Apparently he’s special.

Now, I’m as horrified by chemical/biological weapons as the next Being. I shouldn’t even need to clarify that, should I? But then, I didn’t think I’d have a need to say I’m no great fan of Putin. Or that I didn’t support Saddam just because I was against invading Iraq… Naturally I would like to see these chemical weapons gone (along with many other types) but why being gassed is deemed more terrifying or horrific than being gang-raped or having your jaw blown off is a little curious. Is it a numbers thing, because I hear that missiles are also problematic on that score…

Russia is denigrated over and over again while big, powerful, enigmatic and economically threatening China is left largely alone. Russia is castigated time after time for her use of the UN veto and yet the US has exercised a veto fourteen times since 1991 (in 13 cases to shield Israel, as it happens), while Russia has used it nine times. Personally, I would shut up about that, wouldn’t you? Apparently it is Russia having vested interests which has put Syria in a worse condition because, well, the varied interests of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, France, the UK, the EU, the USA and Israel couldn’t possibly be factors as well, could they? Russia is a bad bear for propping up her economy by propping up the Assad Regime and yet the US and her willing buddies were and still are more than content to support any old despot if it’s expedient to their own purposes. But gods forbid anyone should mention the West’s own very sordid continuum of interest in the region. The hypocrisy is breathtaking.

Throughout ‘modern’ history the Western powers have made it their primary business to stomp around the world in the name of ‘national interest’. It’s what empires do before they die. They’re the ones, mostly, who stir the shit and start the wars; they’re the ones who invade governed and ‘ungoverned spaces’, who plunder, manipulate and oppress; they are the ones who enable fantastical profiteering and then have the audacity to call it help. Follow the money. Follow the vested interests. The connections stem from the usual suspects nearly every time. Self-Service is what they mean.

Obviously none of us ordinary people has access to a map. The geo-strategic implications are way over our heads. It couldn’t possibly be about preserving the petrodollar and the fiat global economy in order to maintain a monopoly over energy resources by perpetual conflict, could it, now…

Unless Assad prevails and the world washes its hands instead of pretending to wring them as he re-subjugates the Syrian people, everyone knows the negotiating table is at the end of this. Why we can’t skip straight to that part and prove ourselves good students of history and civility is because the usual suspects keep placing pathetic obstacles in the way. Iran is the ultimate goal of the neo-cons, therefore Iran is the convenient scapegoat for the block. Removal of Assad is the goal, therefore he is the block. Yet having Assad (or his successor) at the table is not a threat if he is calmly negotiated out of the equation. How ridiculous to arbitrarily omit either party from discussion. And how disingenuously self-righteous to mask the myriad agenda as moral high ground.

One certainty is that, regardless of who used chemical weapons, bombing in the name of saving lives is so ludicrous as to be an insult to the intelligence of every rational mind. Whether military force is used or not, these powerful monsters are adept at creating win-win scenarios – it’s not over by a long way – and they seem quite immune to collateral damage in any form. Not one of the vested interests gives a stuff about the actual Syrian people – just as they don’t give a stuff about their own citizens.

Poor old The West! So sure of its superiority; so uptight; so impressed with its own collective ego that it doesn’t occur to these neo-liberal bozos that they are the real danger to world peace; that they move against Humanity.

The Dear Leaders need us to avoid nuance in favour of dumb simplicity. They want us to pick a side and they want it to be the side they choose – until they change their minds. They need our memories to be short, our minds maleable and our overwrought hearts to be easily manipulated. But we are not all stupid. And we are not just ‘war-weary’, Dear Leaders: we are spin-weary.

State of Surveillance

My government is stalking me
To pimp me out across the Pond
To Uncle Sam, the Peeping Tom
And various nefarious industries

For Profit
And, to top it,
Claims to keep me safe

– At my expense –

With nonsense terms like ‘terrorist’
When what it means is dissident.

It’s evident:

My government doesn’t trust me;
Views me with contempt and hired eyes
Do hack my thoughts to guess at deeds
By fickle proxy through the Prism
Of suspicion – see my liberty receding
As the State tries to ensure
There are no ‘what ifs’ unexplored.

The score is clear:

That carrion, be it State or private profiteer,
Reaps recompense by calculating fear and
Draws it ever nearer with imaginary enemies
At risk of self-fulfilling as the chill of Hell
Comes spilling into real: they fear so much,
So violently, they needs must hide in kind
Behind their self-induced and worried zeal,
To mind and mine all minds.

Patriot Schism

The heat of patriotism,
In self-deceit,
Spills outright lies
Upon the world,
So sins by symbolism.

Flag unfurled
In rapture
To false fealty and,
Ever yielding,
Wrapped in Glamour,
Makes alignment
Under brittle banners
Staked along
Impassioned lines,
All red and ready,
Set to march against
All sensible
Expressions of

Now comes the Act
In missives, sounding
Symphonies and sending
Hounds of hardware,
Bringing down offending
Hearts and minds
Until the Fatherland
Is primed.


You can’t get the staff

If Call-me-Dave and his cronies shut up for long enough they’d hear the raucous laughter reverberating around the isles. Followed by outrage and sighs of deep, deep despair.

‘They’ just don’t get it, do they?

Or do they? Either way: I’m not sure which reality is the scariest.

It’s not just the economy, dire as it is; inept as politicians are. It’s not just social policy, backward and insidious as it is. It’s not just moralising, obsessive and faulty as it is. It’s neo-theocracy dressed up as concern; power and control hiding under benevolence.

That old and now rarely expressed phrase comes to mind: One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. The spying on and curbing of civil liberties is in direct proportion to a government’s lack of trust in its electorate. This government, like the one before, would seem to both fear and despise us. When Authority has to micro-manage its environment and scrutinise the lives of its citizens like this, it has already demonstrated a loss of faith in the collective.

Protesters in other countries are freedom fighters and seekers of democracy while here, in the Dis-United Kingdom of not-so Great Britain, the dissenting voices are accused of talking and bringing the country down; of being rioters, anarchists, even. You wait – we’ll be told we’re unpatriotic next. Then they’ll really be able to define us as terrorists.

“If you’ve done nothing wrong…” What complete and utter bollocky balderdash! You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it. Besides, judging by the divisive manner in which this government publicly categorises and scapegoats its own citizens, I really wouldn’t put any faith in its ability to discern the ‘good’ from the ‘enemy’, would you? Especially when you think of how most of our ‘enemies’ have been deliberately induced or even conjured from thin air in the service of imperialism, colonialism, capitalism, feudalism ism ism ism…

It’s a bit disingenuous to call all this invading, dividing and conquering of selected fashionable spots around the world ‘defending’ the UK. Nope. Rather it’s the usual suspects stirring shit, starting wars, invading governed and ‘ungoverned spaces’, enabling profiteering: having the audacity to call it ‘help’.

Do we vote and pay taxes for government to decide what is and isn’t ‘wrong’ behaviour? Do we pay the wages of those elected ‘representatives’ for it to make those definitions? Surely not?!

Whatever ‘they’ do get, they don’t get this:

We, The People – WE are the ‘Big House’; THEY are the staff.

They are just the staff…

Some Fundamentals

I don’t have a great deal of patience with orthodox religion but I support the right of those who do to practise their devotion in so far as it does not oppress or suppress others. Neither am I an atheist – though I must admit to sounding like one if you miss the nuance. To me, religion seems to have little to do with God and everything to do with politics.

Every time there’s a debate about anything professing to relate to ‘God’ or ‘Faith’ it’s always couched in the context of orthodox religion or atheism versus orthodoxy. (The thing that both frustrates and makes me smile is that, besides neither having much to do with sacredness or divinity, both also hold positions of non-evidence-based certainty.) To me, framing the existence or non-existence of ‘Gods’ in such narrow terms, as described and prescribed by patriarchy and/or orthodoxy, is stale and unimaginative – and distinctly unhelpful.

Nevertheless, that is the rubric within which most of the world keeps itself confined – be it through education, governance or ‘holy’ wars.

Each religion is mostly interchangeable with another: they alter their costumes a bit and change dates and the names of people and stuff but the basic tenets; the widest meaning in the message is generally the same.

And all religions have been, are and continue to be vehicles of both peaceful and violent thought and deed. At their best, they try offer beautiful interpretations of Life’s mysteries through archetypes, parables and metaphors as lessons and frameworks by which to live and, at their worst, they offer fear, contradiction and ambiguity and sow confusion. Each religion has its moderate majorities, its peaceful literalists and its violent fundamentalists.

But all religious tomes are like poetry and music – subjectively and conveniently open to literal, artistic, cultural and political interpretation – one’s sensitivity may be stirred from truth and beauty to offence and ridicule. Yes, the Qur’an has verses which can be interpreted as permitting or even promoting violent retribution and punishment. So does the Old Testament. No Abrahamic Faith is immune – they all have colourful histories – and, looking further east, neither are the Hindus, nor the Buddhists.

Most ‘religious’ people are moderate people who have no drive to convert or ‘correct’ the behaviour of others. Many followers of the orthodox faiths pick and choose their adherences with varying degrees of guilt or comfort, be it using contraception, eating pig, imbibing intoxicants, marrying out of one’s faith, neglecting Confession – yada, yada. One only has to witness the majority approval for secular governance within the ‘first’ world and the majority who aspire to it in other regions of the globe to appreciate this: equal, educated, free and well-informed people; people who can rely on consistent and fair laws and a sufficient measure of security, don’t want or need to be told how to live by either the representatives of elected authority or by those who claim to represent a Higher One.

Major swathes of the world’s populations are being sold short while religious doctrine replaces basic/general education and information is exchanged for censorship. If religious dogma is your main or only source of common knowledge and experience, then it is little wonder that superstition, prejudice and taboos prevail and fester. And to force it on children is in the least, a grey kind of magic. Religion within mainstream education should be facilitated through philosophy, not through doctrine. Faith schools? No, thank you. Save it for the Temple.

Law, governance and culture have been traditionally shaped and dictated by Patriarchy and it is as loathe to give up its self-righteous control freakery as, say, Neoliberal governments and corporations. It is curious how those who claim to be so devout often seem more concerned with trying to control the lives and souls of others than their own. That there is no such thing as vicarious atonement seems to have escaped their fascist fonts of wisdom.

Of course, any ‘moral’ militant can find things to hate in the modern, secularising world; things over which to take personal offence as an excuse to let out their outrage and paranoia: the aspiration for equality; for living according to one’s individual desires and needs; for being free to draw personal boundaries, exercise preferences. And, indeed, so they do. But History is replete with religious and political violence and atrocious foreign policies, isn’t it…? Terrorism perpetrated by citizen groups, ‘democratic’ governments and state sovereigns alike. What conceit, though, to assume to speak for God! To actually claim power and take offence on behalf of one’s god! As though any god, worth its salt, needs defending! But then, Humans have always had an amazing, indefatigable ability to reduce a god to the level of their own petty imaginations, haven’t they…

Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims: all brilliantly misrepresenting their faiths; all desirous of imposing their ideology on others; all so certain. It is politics, mediaeval style. No wonder the atheists are bemused and pissed off.

The problem here isn’t ‘God’, though. The problem is cultish and political bigotry, narcissism and fear. It is the arrogant and ultimately fruitless notion that you are the manager of another’s soul and free will. It is the pitiful demonstration of people who look upon the world with narrowed eyes, lacking appreciation for the greater beauty, diversity and mystery of the human animal; who cannot recognise or stomach the paradoxes of life: that simple things are often made complex by their explanation and that things which seem complex are often very simple.

What the bigots fail to realise is that while they are perfectly entitled to their rigidly narrow and conjured opinions – so is everyone – those opinions don’t give them the right to legislate for everyone or terrorise and kill, based on them. This is why a secular society is the best way to protect and govern with equal and fair effect: the best way for the majority, the minority and all the individuals therein to know and feel that they belong and will be treated equally under the Law. Good Secularist or Pluralist governance shouldn’t mean that you have to bury your faith. It should recognise that not everyone has a faith and that no one faith is superior to another.