Mission Creep

Mission creep is mission sneak
In governed and ungoverned spaces:
Lies that by convenience leap,
Supplying evidence to cases
Base and tenuous at best,
As from the wicked comes no rest…

Incessant droning,
On and on…
Dissembled premises that mock:
The roots, the causes, overlooked.
The names change as it drags along
But the tune
The themes
When you take stock,
Are generally the same old song:

Hunger, poverty and gross inequality
Weakened and enslaved by crass ideologies
Coming from within and embedded from without
Little people in the middle all devoid of any clout.

Defence budgets growing for
Perpetual attack
On all rebels and jihadis
And there is no going back
On your folly for mad jollies
And the rape of their resources
That you plunder so remorselessly
Amidst the glaring facts:

That trade without manipulation
And respect for those who live
With perspective and perception
Other than your narrative,
Would, by many estimations,
Have been highly recommended
Over colonising, which,
It seems, is also themed and


Never really ended.