needs must

”The Poor”
How easily the classification slips
Through mind to lips, definitive,
Beyond regret and sorrow
For ye have the poor with you always
Here endeth the lesson:
Today’s fact of life; tomorrow’s imperative
Yesterday was inevitable
And needs must when
Whole industries have been created to sustain
A spectator sport. Entry fee: hand-wringing
As the meek shall inherit
It was written

The Ug of the Smug

Who cares about legality –
It’s black and white, if we like,
As and when it feels right –
And Mammon loves solutions
With a sense of finality
Coz principles are pricey
And equivocation suits us nicely
As does your stuff
And you’re not competitive enough

You cannot be electable
If you are not susceptible
To neocon depravity and popular banalities
Coz our way is the highway
And you’re just a formality
What has economics got to do with morality?
There you go again
With your troublesome causalities
Oh, my bleeding heart
Don’t start about Humanity
The planet is too small
For your lefty, needy rights an’ all

You mustn’t win
Just us! Just us!
You can’t come in
Oi! Who the hell taught you to swim?
Well, sell your soul
Get a loan
Buy an aspiration phone
Be a good serf
Know your worth
Or find a ladder of your own
But leave the All Right Jacks alone

What’s ours is ours
And so is yours
That’s why we help you fight our wars
And you oblige so well with yours…


There will always be poor people in the land
Of Plenty Opportunity
When Poverty shall be among the asset classes
That the vulnerable may be like unto property.
And the serf shall serve the wealthier
That one shall be milked for the other’s money.
And all shall be hell
And all manna of things shall be swell
For those with shares in the honey.


Seesaw plummet the poor
Plunder the world to disaster

Face in the mud

For they shall have but
The dreggy remains
By courtesy of selfish bastards

Seesaw weighted to moar
Lifting itself ever higher

Grow grow
How low can you go

They would suck all of
The air from your lungs
And offer it bottled for hire

Seesaw game to deplore
Justice can’t come any faster

We saw, we see
The height of the greed
We see, we saw
The depth of the flaw

See saw
See sick
It bores, it owns
It claws at the bones
It tricks, it drains

The war on the poor can’t
And won’t be sustained

The pendulum cannot
Be pushed any more
Before it comes swinging
Back harder…