Here comes Dave

There it is: concerned face;
There it is: the pompous arse –
watch the bully’s cheeks burn.
There it is: deflecting farce,
worthy of its own derision.
There it is: revisionism;
building on the lessons learned.
There it is: the platitude,
empty as the puppet muse.
There it is: the PR pointing,
pointing, pointing (where’s his thumb?)
There it is: a hasty promise –
same as the last one.
There it is: another callous policy has proven to be dumb.
He shifts a bit uncomfortably (here comes the fun – well, better late…)
And, there it is: a beauty gotcha! High stakes –
Oh, wait: media mates.

#pmqs in blue

Relying on his peers
To mock with a crock load
Of bull between his ears
He avoids
He evades
With an unalloyed contempt
For the offices of service
He’s supposed to represent
He parades
And he trades
Asymmetrical tirades
To deflect the criticism
That his leadership has risen
Go compare
Look over there
Is his default ammunition
Having little substance other
Than the relativist’s cover
No contrition
No humility
Devoid of the ability
Preferring the MO
Of I don’t know
I don’t recall
It wasn’t spoken of at all
And where were you
What did you do
Because we’ve only had five years
And I’ve been servicing the gears
Just ask my donors
They’ll attest
That I work hard for them the best
And stop your moaning
About how I’ve sunk the country
Into terminal distress
Because my cronies love
My monumental mess.