Lotus-eating Twerps

See that neoliberal attitude – that crazy
Scam you all insist on ramming down
Our throats? Well, you can shove your
Bloated nonsense up your crumbling
Ivory towers now you’ve proved it only
Works for you, you selfish little jerks.

That’s right, you lotus-eating twerps –
You heard: you had your chance and
All you’ve done is polish turds. You know
Your ideology is totally absurd. If you had
Half a spark of common sense and interest
In the World beyond your sickly precious
Selves, you’d die of shame for all you’ve
Stolen and the gaping holes you’ve opened
For the myriad of golems you invented to

You know damned well your neocon will
Not survive without a constant raising of
The upper hand. So there you stand,
Outrageously self-righteous and parental
With demands upon your fellow humans’
Rights. Why, yes, you bozos: we are equal.
You’ve no moral jurisdiction over any People.
Everything you own or claim you have has
Been inherited and plundered through some
Self-awarding privilege which doesn’t count
For much when it amounts to crony farce:
You wouldn’t know hard working if it rose and
Bit you on your pampered arse.

You know the nepotism cannot last unless you
Up the petty despotism, heat the rhetoric and
Stoke the fires of irrational fear. This recipe for
Your success: how many years can it have left
And do you think it will be pretty?
So go.

Get off your fabricated perch before you’re
Knocked from it; the planet lurches into
Irretrievable catastrophe. Stand down your mad
Kleptocracy and false superiority. Let loose your
Deathly grip upon the Spirit of Humanity and give
The sane world back some room to breathe. For
We’d be better off without your dictatorial largesse
And your incompetent persistence based on little
More than paranoia, greed and self-entitlement.
Your best has been the monumental failure of a
Wishful guess. Get out and give the world a well-
Earned rest.