Rank Albion

It’s as though a few men got
Together and decided that:
If they really had to share
The world at all, they’d
Need to set a cap.

And so they set their tricksy minds
To shaping barriers and rules
Configuring the size and access
To their superficial gap.

They named this place ‘The Middle’
For to curb the aspiration
So that people rarely climbed
Beyond a predetermined station

Then they patted them,
Their scratchèd backs
And rubbed their hands with glee
Like they’d just invented progress
And the gift of Opportunity

And everybody swallowed this
As though it were the only way
And jumped aboard the caravan
That thinks to mark a human’s grade

Better than and less than quickly
Turned into deserving
So that some got all the baubles
While the rest did all the serving

Then the gap became unstable
And the Middle felt it sharp
But instead of blaming upwards
At the poor began to carp

And the lower ranks of Albion
Eyes wide and minds aghast
Thought of pitchforks blazing up
The higher echelon’s fat arse

Now they’re slipping down the ladder
At remarkably quick pace
As they realise their efforts
May be heading into waste

Yeah, the Middle, it might suffer
But at least it had a taste
Though it may bring little comfort
As they join what they displaced

Now reality is dawning in the
Ranks of all the strata
That success cannot be guaranteed
By merely working harder

But invariably shows itself by
Who you know and where you live
And has become so arbitrary
Something has to give

Like that Upper, Middle, Lower
Have no business still existing
That the ‘representing’ State
Should put a stop to it persisting

Because no one has the right to
Rate another’s economic worth
And no one has the moral ground
By measure of their luck or birth

And no one gets to say that some
Deserve a lesser living standard
Merely by the virtue of the chances
They’ve been handed

No one has the right to look down
On the backbone with contempt
While inequality and segregation
Steadily foment

Irrespective of the work
That middle income, so desired
Is the very minimum of lifestyle
Everyone requires

Civilised Society should not need
Designated levels
They were put there just to keep
A sense of order for our devils