From grace to grace

From grace to grace
we fall
we rise
receive and sacrifice
each death
unto a newer life

Piece by piece
and slice by slice
all bear and bring
each part to Light

Embrace the apple’s secret heart
blood the wine
leaven the bread
and taste the Sun
in Rosa Mundi’s
fiery breath



Wishing you Good Lammas 🌾

Light rite

Before planting, weeding
After planting, weeding.

Bright blessings of Imbolc, to you. The Light shines in the darkness and the darkness shall never overcome It. ⚡️


Lament and Desire
For the blessings of the sinking Sun
The sacrifices undergone
The victories won
By fire and fire
The reaping come
And the feasting of the first fruition
Gather in
The lessons
And the growth created
Thy Will be done
And store
For darker, colder times
As nourishment and contemplative fuel
That will initiate renewal
To thine own Kingdom, Come