Is Nick Clegg ‘Spam’?

Is Nick Clegg spam?

It seems he can

Be meaningless

And mean.

The Tory fervour’s

Proxy server,

Propping up the ConDem Team. 

Naive Nick, the Phisher’s foil,

Flashman’s ‘special’ filter boy.

He brings you junk

In spun-sized chunks –

A front while cronies take the spoils. 

A waste of time

And faith

And money –

Betrayal so bad.

Replaced by worry –

Now Nick says he’s very sorry. 

So deep is he in his own mire,

The Liar’s mercen’ry-for-hire

Flees the pan to face the fire.

But it’s too late,

Contaminate –


Like the spam you emulate,

You’re power unsolicited.

The LibDem’s future’s ‘marked as read’.