Labour is United

Labour is united
Despite how much it’s fighting
And says it shares
The same true cares.
So all the double-glazing
I’m watching is amazing,
From sycophants
To fire-worn pants.
At one end, pseudo Tories
The other: Corbynory –
A jumble sale
And broad church fail.
With hubris and projection,
So little self-reflection –
Pert ideologues
In whiny mobs.
The confirmation bias
On which so much relieth –
So stark the split
In consciousness.
But when the leader cometh
They say they must be done with
The value slights
And reunite…

“We’re a ‘broad church'”

Silly Labour
Laid a path
That led to farce,
So rich it made
The face palm
And the belly laugh
As vetted voters,
Left reflective,
Failed their pasts
And forfeited
The Party’s way
To buy a say
According to
The rules
Its Parliamentary fools
Themselves did craft.

And all not-Corbyns,
Right half mast
But clinging fast
To their conceit,
Did swear
With indignation that
The Party’s congregation
Was a ‘broad church’
Where the values don’t compete.
And, as it purged the surge
Of prodigals and fretted
At the flood of new,
Enthusiastic blood, I thought:
Then why is it
You’ve only one hymn sheet..?