G7 Summit

G-7 leaders love to hang
Well, really G-8 but minus that man
(Coz you gotta know your place
In the global gang)

They “think ahead
And they “act together”
As they kick those cans (laces out)
Hell for leather

Fine-dining as they whine
Back-patting as they plan
Keep the good world tethered
At the whim of the Man

So they trifle with truffles
And scheme on the scuffles
And muffle the screams
With the crony machine
That gifts them the vanity
To muzzle the dreams of a higher Humanity

And then they relax after nods and congrats
For keeping the planet on its rickety tracks
By greasing the wheel just to break more backs
And, thinking it could all look a whole lot worse
Will smile for the group shot and then disperse.