Are we so stunned by the grotesque
That all we do is dumbly watch
Our needy leaders crest and botch?

The Ug of the Smug

Who cares about legality –
It’s black and white, if we like,
As and when it feels right –
And Mammon loves solutions
With a sense of finality
Coz principles are pricey
And equivocation suits us nicely
As does your stuff
And you’re not competitive enough

You cannot be electable
If you are not susceptible
To neocon depravity and popular banalities
Coz our way is the highway
And you’re just a formality
What has economics got to do with morality?
There you go again
With your troublesome causalities
Oh, my bleeding heart
Don’t start about Humanity
The planet is too small
For your lefty, needy rights an’ all

You mustn’t win
Just us! Just us!
You can’t come in
Oi! Who the hell taught you to swim?
Well, sell your soul
Get a loan
Buy an aspiration phone
Be a good serf
Know your worth
Or find a ladder of your own
But leave the All Right Jacks alone

What’s ours is ours
And so is yours
That’s why we help you fight our wars
And you oblige so well with yours…

Though pigs might fly

For, though pigs might fly,
Don’t throw
Pearls before swine.
Heads up, Dave:
When you’re dining
With peers at Piers’ trough,
In a pig’s eye or pig’s ear
Initiate stuff,
Then expect the subject
To spawn endless renditions
Of pork-laden jokes
At your porn star audition.
Think on as your Cons
Try to not dignify
With more oral unzipping
For, real or a lie,
This sensational note,
Is bespoke of a libertine,
Feudal condition,
The leadership specs you invoke
As a pig in a poke
Of a Prime Politician.

[Prime Ministerial material? – No, because you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.]


Who makes capital
Of national collateral
With battle cries
And old boys’ toys
Of odious slack
And moral debt,
Applies fiduciary snide
Astride our backs –
Our children, next
And, yet,
Says Corbyn’s Labour
Is a threat.

[‘The Labour Party is now a threat to our national security, our economic security and your family’s security.’ ~ David Cameron, September 13th, 2015]

David Cameron: what is so leaderly about him?

David Cameron… I still can’t get over the fact that enough people voted for this creature of superficial spin to put him back into power. What leadership qualities does he possess, for goodness’ sake? Where is the economic acumen? What principles? How, compassionate? What practical wisdom? What charisma? Who does he respect? What does he value? The Planet? People? Justice? One Nation? Don’t make me laugh. He’s either a bumbling villain or a bought puppet and how anyone can look around, at their own country and the world, in extension and simply put aside his demonstrable emptiness and complacently overlook the myriad connective catastrophes wrought and perpetuated by the collective greedy, selfish, superficial crony mind he embodies and enables – just for the incentive of some short-term, personal profit, at the expense of those who gain little or nothing of good by it – that is truly remarkable.

He and his crew have no respect for, nor understanding of, Constitution, sound Law, Democracy, societal cohesion and public interest; dignity, honour, integrity or consequence. They believe they have a monopoly on such concepts but they confuse Principle with Tradition. A tradition of entitlement and patronising, arbitrary benevolence. So they maraud around, sucking the heart and spirit out of nigh-on anything they so much as look at and tell us it’s the only way and that it’s for our own good.

‘Moral conscience’? If David Cameron had one of those (or even a dash of socio-economic nous) he would not entertain the likes of Iain Duncan Smith as Secretary for Work and Pensions or Jeremy Hunt as Health Secretary. To name but two.

All that time spent on how much Ed Miliband did or did not look like a leader. Now, all the hot air about whether Corbyn is electable as Prime Minister. All that time wasted by a magpie Media and a positioned electorate, giving Cameron a wholly undeserved free pass. But, beyond some pretty inadequate middle management skills, what is so leaderly about him? What calibre of leader is he who cannot or will not connect the dots? What kind of leader is he who acts as though some don’t exist while he fabricates others? Honest mistakes, a country can tolerate, even forgive but not this continual hypocrisy, incompetence and purposeful ignorance. It’s insidiously destructive and increasingly embarrassing.

This is a Prime Minister who projects a sordid strength through a reinvigorated imperialist attitude but is so weak in ethical content that he can be led by the nose into dangerous, glory-hunting cul-de-sacs and pushed around by disingenuous and capricious tabloids. This is a leader who has to be shamed into behaving appropriately on an international stage. This is a leader who can’t or won’t govern even his own citizens with respect. Scaled up or down, he is hollow.

David Cameron. Look at him; hear him, with his stiff composure and tardy, doublethink platitudes, proclaiming moral grounds that prove to be constantly, quite beyond his reach.

Plain as the nose

There should be no surprise
at the expedience,
and contempt shown
by this government,
to People fleeing horror
and to People simply searching
for a better life,
as all you have to do
is shine a light at home,
on how it is prepared
to treat its own.

The world is fashioned by little men with petty minds and rationing hearts.

Austerity is not the same as thrift and it is not just an unnecessary economic manifesto. It is a state of mind. Austerity has become the means by which are rationed compassion, opportunity and Reason. Austerity depends on the controlling of fear. It translates into a meanness of spirit and a poverty of vision. Thus, austerity delivers instability, pain and misery in abundance.

The world is fashioned by little men with petty minds and rationing hearts. They so easily could be bigger men. The foundations that made them into leaders and the privilege and power of high office affords these people every opportunity to act so. But instead, they build a Waste Land and pride themselves on their puritanical arbitrations.

Why do they play at being so small? To what end? Do they really think they can outrun their own shortsightedness; that they can manipulate, hoard and exploit to preserve their crony kind, indefinitely? Why cut the nose to spite the face? For this is what they are doing. The world trembles and cracks under the weight of its myriad manmade burdens and all the dear leaders can come up with are schemes that add more.

Humanity is bigger and better than this.

Post Colonial

If Cecil had rocked up in Calais
he would have been let through –
safe haven is a trophy, too.

[‘Calais crisis: Anger online over reaction to the death of a migrant compared to the killing of Cecil the Lion‘]

Bring it.

Right wing clinging
But the Left wing is singing,
Rising up from the edges,
Marching in on the terraces;
A coiled spring’s innings
Twinning up on the bluff:
Oh, come and have a go
if you think you’re hard enough!