3 thoughts on “Could be worse

  1. There’s a punk exhibition at the local arts centre in Newport which I saw last night on the way to see something in the theatre space. Pride of place was a Warhol-like portrait of Treeza with a tiara. I said to the lady who was pushing me in the venue’s wheelchair, ‘You can take that down for a start!’ I never liked Warhol. And I think you know how I feel about May! Hope you’re well. x

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    • ‘Treeza with a tiara’?! That doesn’t sound like it has any artistic or intellectual place in culture or politics, let alone in a punk exhibition!

      Glad to know you are still getting out and about, albeit with aid. I hope you, too, are well. I’m doing ok: psychic core seems sound but with the exoteric stuff, well, good days and not so good days. Still smiling and laughing, though 😉 x

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