Farage on Tour (2018)

Nigel Farage is back with his bus
He’s going to battle for – wait for it… us
The fair weather fascist
Will tour with the classics

Like many an old has-been does.


Get ready for:

I’m an outsider
The global elite
Breaking Point
Mine’s a pint
Man on the street
Foreign language on trains
Live next-door to Romanians
Break up the EU
Do you love your country?
Bloody red tape
Where’s my fish?
I blame Remainers
Why can’t my German passport be blue?
We’ve UKIPped the Tories
I need a retainer
Bannon’s very invested
Hope and Glory
Polish plumbers
Trump likes my story
Pub Bore

His favourite little number, Isn’t it int’resting..?

And many more.

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