How it should be

Theresa May is putting the conservation of self-preservation of the Conservative Party before the better interests of the United Kingdom. Jeremy Corbyn is putting the Labour Party’s chances at winning power in an unscheduled snap General Election before the better interests of the United Kingdom. It’s obscene.

Government and her Majesty’s Official Opposition occupy some of the highest offices of State Power and responsibility. It is the duty of all Parliamentarians to conduct themselves with integrity, as they go about representing all of us, in our well-being at home and our reputation abroad.

Public service requires honour and sincerity. It is both a privilege to serve one’s country and her citizens and a vocational endeavour of noble cause. Officiates of governance – creators of Law and policy, by which we all are bound to live – should serve with a grace and humility that expresses the dignity and intelligence of their authority and respectfully affords the same to the country, her citizens and her guests.

At least, that is how it should be…

2 thoughts on “How it should be

  1. Good morning Juli… This is a great post. I just wish that all the law makers in the U.S. would read this and take it to heart… but something tells me that’s not going to happen. Maybe your lawmakers will pay attention. I do so appreciate your courage to tell it like it really is.

    Hope you have a most beautiful morning…

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