Even Brexit can’t eat itself

Most Brexiteers are frustrated to find their designs meeting with constant and apparently unforeseen difficulties. Having purposefully narrowed, thickened, diluted and padded the national discourse with poison and wish potions; having pushed and pulled and bullied and blackmailed the agents until all available options are made completely unpalatable and untenable to all sides, they are all over the ether expressing their solemnities and indignations on discovering that their elastirigid red lines are, indeed, universally indigestible.

Many Brexiteers seem so frustrated by the complicated, expensive, risky, time-consuming nature of their futility as to be now acknowledging that the Brexit that they and the other seventeen point four million somehow indivisibly want is really not beneficially possible but, because they are wholly insistent that wanting it badly enough means that it surely must be possible, they still prefer to dig their heels in instead of sensibly addressing all of the demonstrable and connected whys it isn’t. This is because it would mean them having to not just give up, give over, give in but to openly accept and express that staying in the European Union and engaging in shaping it so that it fits and suits us better is not only necessary but pragmatic and even somewhat desirable‬.

The best way that Brexiteers could both save some face and save the UK would be for them to start acknowledging the democratic, no-brainer merit in passing the final say back to the people. Then, when tangible sense is returned and brightens our horizon, Brexiteers can pretend to be the vanquished valiant and spend their public lives saying “if” a lot or they can fade into the graceful obscurity that they will not have earned but that the rest of us will certainly deserve..

3 thoughts on “Even Brexit can’t eat itself

  1. Juli, check my site for Zine announcement. You are nominated for best of web. Hope that’s okay with you. You are also mentioned in my interview with Wombwell Rainbow – Paul Brooke’s. See it in my pages.

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