What do you want, then, Brexits?

What do you want, then, Brexits?

You can see the menu. You know what is on offer. You know what is not. You know what is and what is not possible.

Everyone can see the menu. Heck, the world and his wife can see what is possible and what is not.

You should know and understand, by now – even though you apparently did not previously know or understand – the four foundational freedoms of the club to which you have been a leading member state for over forty years.

Everyone else knows. And understands.

You just have to study the example model deals that have been made, already, between the EU and other parties and pick the model that provides the nearest match. Then, what you do is you look at the numerous gaps between all those example model deals and what Brexit Britain, ideally, would be looking for and what it would take – that both the UK and the EU would accept – to close those gaps.

Then, what you do is you compare the likely, the possible and the known consequences of your options with what is good and bad about the current status you are so keen to flee. Then, what you do is… you choose.

Why are you still struggling with this? Brexit obviously isn’t going to be at all better than the best-of-all-worlds position that we currently enjoy but you also said that leaving would be very quick and really easy and you are mostly making it look like Brexit is just tedious and difficult and definitely not worth the trouble.


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