Dear Daily Mail

Daily Mail, why are you so angry? Your front page is, yet again, so disappointingly petty. It implies that you do not understand what is at stake if the Government is not held to scrutiny and account. Of course, you are not the only newspaper to constantly be furious but you are the daily publication that the government and Today would seem to pay most attention to.

Why aren’t you over this silly and divisive behaviour, though? Why do you feel so threatened? Don’t you like the idea of Parliamentary sovereignty, anymore? The people keep being told that there will be no second referendum and I keep reading about polls saying that even Remain voters don’t want to stop Brexit. Your sense of betrayal is very odd, Daily Mail. Is the “will of the people” not made indelible? And does not Brexit mean Brexit? Do you regret your enthusiasm for triggering Article 50 so that you could just get on with it? You said that you knew what you were voting for.

I think you’re being ridiculous. And mean. Yesterday was a good day for Humanity and Democracy. For a start, we woke up to discover that that awful, bigoted, misogynist, Islam-hating cowboy and Trump-licker, Roy Moore had lost Alabama to a Democrat. A Democrat won in Alabama! It uplifted our hearts and restored some faith. And then, we went to sleep, knowing that here, at home, some true public servants had bravely fought a righteous battle for the well-being of our own country. And they won! We felt the joy of small but significant progress. It was one good day after a drought. Why would you begrudge us that, Daily Mail? You can afford to be bigger than this. You won, remember?

Why begrudge us the comfort of the sovereignty you so fussed about when you still believed that the EU had actually taken it? We have humiliated ourselves, yes. Plenty. But not by this vote. Our country has acted “in accordance with its own constitutional requirements” as Article 50 expects. The EU respects this. How can you so despise Parliament for simply doing its job – its patriotic duty? Why are you not more proud? Why so much paranoia over a victory that you, too, will benefit from? Do you no longer want us to take back control? What is wrong with you?


[A link to this prolific and pathetic rag? Ok, then. Here]

Chris Grey: Two cheers for amendment 7 – “All it really opens is the tiniest keyhole of possibility for affecting what happens with Brexit… This has been so ever since Article 50 was triggered”

Daily Mail – Junk Mail

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