The brimstone caress of Brexit swagger and blag

Brexit is bringing the whole country down
And Boris is waving his Johnson around.
Fox is a toxic shock, trading in war-game stock;
Gove is a dab-hand at taking the Michael
And Hannan and Minford and Redwood and Mogg
Are up-cycled dog whistles for Farage’s gob.
Here’s Double D Davis, whose swagger and blag
Is fading since he proved that that’s all he had.
There’s knee-capper Hoey and Stuart and Field,
Who, frankly, banked hard on ukippy’s left yield.
Then there’s dinosaur Lawson, Mills, Batten and
Paterson, Digby and Dyson and WetherspoonTim
And that JCB bloke playing punchline and joke
And that dim-witted woman who went to the jungle
For gravy and lolz and Priti pretentious who went on
Her own misadventure and took the household.
And Esther McVey, who will not go away,
Follows IDS’ faithiness, cruel in its cluelessness,
Making the DUP run for its blood money,
Fuelled every day by the brimstone caress
Of the priests on high-horses in an amoral Press.

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