Country down

Britain is living in permanent smog
The Blighty tail is wagging the dog
The Brexit yacht is running aground
But Remain is “talking the country down”?

They’re having a laugh: just look at the clues
In the options, reactions, events in the News
As our worldly repute is observed at the brink
And the scope of our influence rapidly shrinks

They are having a laugh: just look at the Budget
It’s like the Economy can’t bear to touch it
Best part of a decade, the pips have been squeezed
And now Brexit delivers a wasting disease

The Leavers are nothing with no one to blame
So it falls on the people who voted Remain
But look anywhere, everywhere, under the Crown
And Brexit is bringing the whole country down


”Faragism survived… Nothing the chancellor does in his budget can help with that ailment.” – Rafael Behr: Philip Hammond’s budget cannot erase the stain on the soul of his party

“We are seeing a shrivelling up of the British economy, a slump towards perpetual mediocrity.” – Ian Dunt: Budget 2017: Hammond paints a portrait of despair


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