Reputation is running aground
But Remain is “talking the country down”

Yesterday, Britain scored a hat-trick. Farewell global brand; hello reduction in status. They think it’s all over…

Amsterdam to host the European Medicines Agency after the UK leaves the EU: – “British pharmaceutical companies have been warning of the consequences of the move since before the referendum… could cause drugs shortages and put British patients at the back of the queue for new medicines, and at best fear the move will make the UK less attractive to drugs companies considering investing in the country.” – We have nothing, as yet, with which to replace it. (SkyNews)

Paris won the right to host the European Banking Authority after the UK leaves the European Union – “The financial sector accounts for about 12 percent of Britain’s GDP and it brings more tax than any other sector” (Politico) ~ [Meanwhile, looming large: 20 big banks add weight to a new clearing bid: “Clearing is an integral part of the financial services makeup here in London – it’s what we do best” – CityAM]

We lost our Judge at the International Court of Justice – “They see it as a retreat from the international stage – whatever the Brexiteers argue to the contrary – and these countries are filling the vacuum accordingly.” – (BBC)


Good for the winners. The poles of influence begin to shift rapidly. But we used to ‘punch above our weight’ and now we are just throwing windmills. Well done Brexit Britain.

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