Dear scaredy-cat politicians, especially you, Government,

Dear scaredy-cat politicians, especially you, Government,

Re: Brexit

You do not have to tell the electorate that “they got it wrong”. You have to tell the electorate that YOU got it wrong. You have to tell them that research, debate and wise counsel have made you realise the scale and scope of the risk. You need to describe the effort you have made, to carry out the wishes of Brexit voters. You need to provide the coherent narrative that backs this up. Then, you either arbitrarily revoke or persuade Parliament to vote to revoke Article 50 or you pause/extend Article 50 and you hold a new referendum. You don’t campaign. You just provide the best, honest analysis that backs up the narrative.

Because of all the traps you have created, about Democracy and Sovereignty and ‘the will of the people’ and ‘taking back control’ and patriotism and all the scapegoating, it’s probably safer and more honourable to go the route of a fresh, Brexit-specific public vote.

[The EU would probably roll its eyes and then breathe a (mostly) collective sigh of relief.] I bet you that no more than a quarter of the British electorate, at most, would actually put up a real fight. You may have to remind them that they, too, will be allowed to vote again – Democracy truly isn’t a one-time event – that they must respect that democratic principle is an expression of will, produced by civic enlightenment. Tell them that they might show more faith in the merit of their cause. And tell them that, should they vote to remain, this time, no one need even know.

Now, please, for the love of our country: get a grip.



Brexit can be reversed‘ – Lord Kerr, though no legal expert, has the weight of legal opinion on his side – that this an issue of political will more than legality – barring a court (ECJ – *chortle*) adjudication, were the opinion to be tested, in Law. From his interview, on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Today’.

And here is the thing. No business charged with a decision of existential importance makes it earlier than they must. No business chooses to make it before the evidence is in.” – Jolyon Maugham

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