Brexit: it boils the blood

You know what makes me the most angry about Brexit, right now? That 17,410,742 people who spouted ill-informed crap throughout the referendum campaign and, afterwards, claimed that they knew what they were voting for, are still spouting ill-informed crap and claiming that they knew what they voted for, even though they failed utterly to base their opinions on any fact and despite the mounting evidence that no one knew or fully understood what leaving meant. And especially when the Brexit pushers admit, daily, to still not knowing the answers to the most basic questions. Christ! Most of them are not even asking them. They are just doubling down on hopium, hyperbole, denial and censorship. It’s all they have.

What makes me so furious is that, even if they genuinely thought they knew exactly what they were voting for then, they bloody well don’t know what that is now. And, if they did not realise what they were voting for, they bloody well should do, by now – chaos, isolation, ridicule and diminution.

People who refuse the responsibility of keeping up with developments that are a direct consequence of a decision to commit a collective act of national self-harm, that they deliberately and knowingly made but have continually refused to ask pertinent and intelligent questions about or accept readily available truths and very strong evidence: they have no fucking right, whatsoever, to their vacuous “will of the people” “respect democracy” “enemy of the people” “you lost, get over it” “stop talking the country down” bullshit.

Yes, I know that most of those 17 point blah blah million voters lead busy lives. So do most of the voting population. I know they only have time to grab a bit of broadcast news, watch a debate or two, skim a newspaper, check what Facebook thinks. But this only makes their arrogant certainty look more dumb and more irresponsible: what the hell makes them believe that they are properly informed and what the flaming holy heck makes them assume that all expertise, common sense, honest resistance and challenge is not informed but based purely on some bizarre unpatriotic bias? How the fuck would they even know? Jumped-up cretins. Brexit: it boils the blood.


[Sorry: perhaps I should have warned about the fury before ranting but a sudden need for catharsis beat me to it.]


7 thoughts on “Brexit: it boils the blood

  1. Offs who do you think you are? The vote went in favour of leaving, that’s democracy so get on with it, there are plenty of votes that people don’t agree with but we have to accept, so people like yourself will just have to accept this one. I for one will be glad to see the day and hour we leave this corrupt and evil eu.


    • I started to feel slight pangs of guilt, last night. I worried that I had been a bit mean and that my tone was too rude but you have just swept away all those feelings. Thank you! x


  2. The comment is informative. “Corrupt and evil EU”. That is the narrative that has been fed by so many in the pay of those that would sell us rubbish, abuse our freedoms, and feed us poison. So it’s understandable that people feel this way. It’s hard to love a bureaucracy. And it’s easy to believe that we have lived through a remarkably peaceful period in Europe for reasons other than a common legal and legislative framework. Yes it’s wrong. But we need to win the argument, if nothing else we’ve learned that it won’t win itself.

    (But yes, I have felt like you did when you wrote that post on many occassions in the past 12 months or so!)


    • I think the argument is winning itself. It might not be won in time to prevent Brexit, though and especially not with a particular part of the population. I was never a big fan of the EU but I voted to remain on mercinarily pragmatic grounds as I have written, many times. The more informed I get, however, the more fond of it I become, in spite of its many, many flaws. Not one single thing has persuaded me to change my mind: not a single thing Brexit complains about is improved by leaving; understandable angst is down to domestic policies; the risks are not worth the time, the cost or effort; there is no better future in leavng, even if it were done well; all our global clout is in staying part of the largest, sanest, geographical/cultural/economic bloc in the world and actively working to shape it to our interests.

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  3. Though you may have some points about the dangers inherent in Brexit your abusive hectoring tone is unlikely to make many people change their minds. Calling people cretins and vacuous simple because they assessed the evidence and came to a different conclusion is not the way to foster constructive debate. It may make you feel better to rant, and I can understand this, but if you think that you can brook no discussion (you are that certain the case is so clearly one-sided) and that over half the population were wrong or hoodwinked (because they are less intelligent), then perhaps it is time for you to take stock of your own case. If I could not convince people of my argument I would have to think again, perhaps reformulate and retry. Perhaps think about the changes in the EU, the increased centralization with weakened democracy, think about how it has abandoned subsidiarity and localisation, think on how it treated Greece (and now how it behaves in Spain and Catalonia). Perhaps dealing with these issues rather than just giving the stupid brexiters “a row” or “telling off” might be more constructive and perhaps (though not likely) you would change your certainty a little. Cheers


    • I wasn’t trying to change anyone’s minds. My tone was deliberate. Most of my regular readers would either have ignored this post if they were still pro brexit or vicariously enjoyed the catharsis. I had a brief rant precisely because it made me feel better. I’ve thought plenty about the whole issue, had plenty of discussions, read and listened to everything, on both sides, that I could and can find and I am well-informed enough that I won’t be shifting my position unless I can see good reason to do so. The points you think I should consider were and are irrelevant to the choice we faced last year so, sorry but you have convinced me of little, with respect to our membership of the EU.

      Thanks for your input, though.

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