Once upon a pattern clear

Once upon a pattern clear
A tessellation did appear
All History looming now and near
In shapes exacting airy fear

Here, every wretched thought and whim
All hate and spite invested in
And chaos wished and bigots’ sins
Came through the ethers, answering

And welcomed in, did bond in might
To relish in an appetite
For magnifying fight and flight
Attracted by their own limelight

And like for like to like all grew
As panic bade is wont to do
In particles, the Trickster moved
Into the Mind and counted coup

So too, the outer rim awoke
Prepared to share the cosmic joke
Respecting what the people spoke:
As humans will, so be it mote

Promoted of his network tools
The Trickster fixed another spool
Delighted with his wicked jewels
And the promiscuity of fools…

4 thoughts on “Once upon a pattern clear

  1. Wonderful, I spent a some time reading this in order to try and understand it and the nuances and subtleties keep coming. It seems particularly apt for now and i guess that was why it was written. Thank you.

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  2. Might be a little cheeky and share one of my musical poems with you. I have a You Tube channel under the pseudonym Michael Page where I upload original musical compositions sometimes adding some of my own poetry, or as a vehicle to make some observations about humanity. This is a recent endeavour and your thoughts would be appreciated. This is link to ‘Missing Class.’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6N6oSCfYO-Y

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