Don’t mess; don’t second-guess the People: they have spoken
Don’t test their faith that says your liberal place has had its time
Do not forget your status now, is an arbitrary token
So be a good wee patriot and, quietly, get into line.

Don’t judge them by their words but by their actions
Don’t judge them by their deeds but their intent
Don’t judge them by their hungry, blind and constant angry factions
Do not mistake the rhetoric for what they really meant

Don’t caution, fret or organise to hinder their turn-back designs
Don’t let collective ignorance inhibit your respect
Do not get lost in challenging the means they justify as fine
Don’t be a party pooper; get that Kool-Aid down your neck.


Please, do not do this. Resist, resist. Resist.


1 thought on “Don’t

  1. Eeew!

    Leaders, we have twenty-eight
    Tories all, who simply state
    We must cut and privatise
    It really isn’t very wise.

    We can’t even vote them out
    Under Lisbon, we have no clout.
    Sorry to be leaving EU
    Let’s have democracy!

    Look what the Troika did to Greece
    Millions of Euros it did fleece.
    A pretty penny for Tsiprias
    On EU rocks, Syriza smashed.

    Mare Nostrum, the right say
    Over the sea we will have sway
    Fleeing refuge, they pass away
    Fortress Europe has had its day.

    We need to leave so we can say
    The working class is here to stay
    Smash the Tories, let us fight
    For jobs and pay and workers’ rights.


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