Me old China

For nights
He dreamed of China
On a golden-plated plate.
He saw great Industry,
Deferring and obedient
Unto a fearsome, fiat State.

And Chancellor Illustrious,
Expedient and sly,
Espied the merits of economy
Without the messiness of seeking
Common votes to buy.

I’d like to get me some of that!
He cried out in his rosy sleep
And, counting favours widely scat
(Derivatives to reap)
He smiled at all the puppet strings
He did control at Ivory Keep.

We crony few must stick together
Shore up power for the clans.

Win-win! he grinned and, rising,
Set about his cunning plan
For leasing out the democratic bit
And touting it to Despot Dan.

“Come ‘ere, you golden era!
Claim your royal status badge
And see your subjects elevate you
By acceptance from her Maj.

“Ignore the protests
And the quizzing
Coming from the Common bores
And we’ll pretend that we condemn
The way you operate with yours.

“I’ll get you:
Old Mould
New gold
New souls
For your taking

As I told you,
I’m not faking

Come on over
Be my guest
And let me be your BFF.”


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