David Cameron: what is so leaderly about him?

David Cameron… I still can’t get over the fact that enough people voted for this creature of superficial spin to put him back into power. What leadership qualities does he possess, for goodness’ sake? Where is the economic acumen? What principles? How, compassionate? What practical wisdom? What charisma? Who does he respect? What does he value? The Planet? People? Justice? One Nation? Don’t make me laugh. He’s either a bumbling villain or a bought puppet and how anyone can look around, at their own country and the world, in extension and simply put aside his demonstrable emptiness and complacently overlook the myriad connective catastrophes wrought and perpetuated by the collective greedy, selfish, superficial crony mind he embodies and enables – just for the incentive of some short-term, personal profit, at the expense of those who gain little or nothing of good by it – that is truly remarkable.

He and his crew have no respect for, nor understanding of, Constitution, sound Law, Democracy, societal cohesion and public interest; dignity, honour, integrity or consequence. They believe they have a monopoly on such concepts but they confuse Principle with Tradition. A tradition of entitlement and patronising, arbitrary benevolence. So they maraud around, sucking the heart and spirit out of nigh-on anything they so much as look at and tell us it’s the only way and that it’s for our own good.

‘Moral conscience’? If David Cameron had one of those (or even a dash of socio-economic nous) he would not entertain the likes of Iain Duncan Smith as Secretary for Work and Pensions or Jeremy Hunt as Health Secretary. To name but two.

All that time spent on how much Ed Miliband did or did not look like a leader. Now, all the hot air about whether Corbyn is electable as Prime Minister. All that time wasted by a magpie Media and a positioned electorate, giving Cameron a wholly undeserved free pass. But, beyond some pretty inadequate middle management skills, what is so leaderly about him? What calibre of leader is he who cannot or will not connect the dots? What kind of leader is he who acts as though some don’t exist while he fabricates others? Honest mistakes, a country can tolerate, even forgive but not this continual hypocrisy, incompetence and purposeful ignorance. It’s insidiously destructive and increasingly embarrassing.

This is a Prime Minister who projects a sordid strength through a reinvigorated imperialist attitude but is so weak in ethical content that he can be led by the nose into dangerous, glory-hunting cul-de-sacs and pushed around by disingenuous and capricious tabloids. This is a leader who has to be shamed into behaving appropriately on an international stage. This is a leader who can’t or won’t govern even his own citizens with respect. Scaled up or down, he is hollow.

David Cameron. Look at him; hear him, with his stiff composure and tardy, doublethink platitudes, proclaiming moral grounds that prove to be constantly, quite beyond his reach.


But for the grace,
Put down your
Fearful vanity
Rise up
Reach out
With Love
In every face
Your own Humanity


Life’s Hope captured
In the tiny stillness
Of immeasurable sorrow,
Be not in vain,
Else here, then, lies
Where all the World’s tomorrows die.


Aylan Kurdi, Galip, Rehan, may your Light shine in the darkness.