Labour is United

Labour is united
Despite how much it’s fighting
And says it shares
The same true cares.
So all the double-glazing
I’m watching is amazing,
From sycophants
To fire-worn pants.
At one end, pseudo Tories
The other: Corbynory –
A jumble sale
And broad church fail.
With hubris and projection,
So little self-reflection –
Pert ideologues
In whiny mobs.
The confirmation bias
On which so much relieth –
So stark the split
In consciousness.
But when the leader cometh
They say they must be done with
The value slights
And reunite…

6 thoughts on “Labour is United

  1. Actually, no, if Corbyn wins, moderates like me, will challenge him on whatever matters run counter to our values and principles. Corby, with his principled 500 votes against the party line, and the Corbynettes, ever ready to flounce out of the party, have shown us the way.

    I think it actually might be quite fun to carp, criticise and offer advice from the side lines whilst reminding Corbyn and the Corbynettes that unity, like respect, has to be earnt not simply expected. I look forward to the CyberCorbyns stepping away from the Internet and spending freely of their time and money to get New, New Labour candidates elected.

    Meanwhile, those of us who have spent the last twenty years campaigning for Labour may take our ease, may we not? After all, the Corbynettes say they are the future that they are a (middle class) grassroots uprising so there will be plenty of them to do the boring, but necessary work to get Jeremy into Number Ten, will there not?


      • Perhaps you might like to share your point, please? I, thankfully, gave up deconstructing poetry in 1985 when I took (and passed) my A Level in English Language and Literature. I do recall that poetry, by its very nature, allows for multiple interpretations.


      • No, I’m not going to help you deconstruct my verse. The art is done and your personal interpretation is for your instinct and acumen, which, your A’Level assures me, you surely have.


      • I will mull over your sybilline verse and seek to interpret it.

        I did, after all, see through Corbyn early on in his campaign. A middle class poseur, who 50 years ago rather liked the idea of playing a working class rebel. 50 years later, many of his (mostly white, middle class) fans, if not himself, seem to think he actually is a tribune of the people.

        Corbyn may have passed muster with Labour’s selectorate, his hug a migrant policy may thrill them, but it will just be one more nail in Labour’s coffin. 3,881,099 ukip voters do not think they are wrong.


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