The world is fashioned by little men with petty minds and rationing hearts.

Austerity is not the same as thrift and it is not just an unnecessary economic manifesto. It is a state of mind. Austerity has become the means by which are rationed compassion, opportunity and Reason. Austerity depends on the controlling of fear. It translates into a meanness of spirit and a poverty of vision. Thus, austerity delivers instability, pain and misery in abundance.

The world is fashioned by little men with petty minds and rationing hearts. They so easily could be bigger men. The foundations that made them into leaders and the privilege and power of high office affords these people every opportunity to act so. But instead, they build a Waste Land and pride themselves on their puritanical arbitrations.

Why do they play at being so small? To what end? Do they really think they can outrun their own shortsightedness; that they can manipulate, hoard and exploit to preserve their crony kind, indefinitely? Why cut the nose to spite the face? For this is what they are doing. The world trembles and cracks under the weight of its myriad manmade burdens and all the dear leaders can come up with are schemes that add more.

Humanity is bigger and better than this.


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