Breathing space

Pitiful, it is, to know,
to make the Tories go,
that Labour, though
so one step forward
two steps back,
still has to win
just so that we
can catch our breath
and properly begin.

‘red line’

How much for that there red line?
Some buy yourself a (comes with handy ladder)
fine and dandy time?
A redefine?
A redesign?
Is this a line that you might drop a little bit
or lift a lot?
And are you talking red like wine
or pick the shade and shift by trade?

Oh: your ‘red line’ is non-negotiable
Like an unequivocally weighed and
bona fide principle?
Like cast in stone with polished shine
or one those Big Society British values
or a pledge writ large and smugly signed?
Well, show me yours; I’ll show you mine…

Oh, Ed

Oh, Ed
you do my head in
now you’ve said
no deal
no vote by vote
no pacts
no coalition
irrespective of the fact
you know we can’t afford
another five years more
of Callme’s Cons and, too,
despite that you’re still Tory-Lite;
a hold your nose and settle for.

But you have set your sights
on Scottish Labour’s fight and, Ed,
while I appreciate your plight, it pales
beside the millions you would leave
to struggle on just for the want of
a progressive left-wing bloc
and the Union you mock as though
not all our nations should belong
together, after all. And I’m appalled
that you would put your party first
before the interests of a tired, poor
and angry population.

It’s infuriating how entrenched you are
in tribal politics and that you have
the nerve to pot and kettle with
the nationalists as if our future happens
only by the measure of their gift.

And yet I swear I heard you say
the other day that Britain was and is
and definitely could do so much better
than all this.

Oh, Ed, how fragile do you think
the UK is that if a sixth of Parliament
be SNP, endangers our democracy
when actually the biggest threat is
politics as usual and the disrespect
it shows to the Electorate who haven’t
even voted yet.

Coz, Ed, do you know what? You’ll do
just what the bloody hell we damned well
tell you when the ballot counting stops.