pounds with Hope

Ivory Tower cowers
under roar resounding
round the wild and fertile lands
as fanfare of the Commons,
bold as banners, pounds
with hope as old as every soul
did stand upon re-hallowed ground.

Competent Cons

We are the Competent Cons!
Guardians of your right to aspire
to live within our democratic manifesto.

Oh, see how well we govern!
Hail and praise!
Be all upstanding for
sound judgement and efficiency!

But, mark, you:
do not question our authority.
Just trust us. (Please…)

We said we’d fix the thatch –
Er – and, apart from that,
the rest is strictly need to know
and so must be restricted
to the leadership because
the brightness of our future
has been balanced on
our long-term economic con –
sorry – plan.
It’s a plan,
we’re just making up
as we Ponzi along
for as long as we Tory well can.

Oh, where does all the money go?

Oh, where does all the money go?
Coz where it’s needed, it don’t flow

The Greedies eat it, don’t cha know

We seed, they mow
We bleed, they feed
We serve, they crow
And holy Horus, don’t it show!

Observe how fat the buggers grow
With everybody else’s dough.

The Desperate Cons

In the election campaign
The Cons sought to gain
By their old chestnut tune
Of scaremongering doom
That the Left in its rising
Would be our demise –
Well, now, what a surprise!

And so, leaking their hubris
All over the place, the Cons
Hastened to prove their
Credentials and taste with a
Foot-shooting wheeze that
Blew back in their face.

And the country collapsed
Into giggles and wonder at
How low the Tories would
Stoop just to blunder

(for only the day before,
Osborne did thunder most
righteous for non-doms
concerned with their plunder)

but still there was more…

For the Tories let loose
Drama Queen, Michael Fallon
To show Callme’s crack potted
Team of top talent.

On air in the studios, one after
Other, he ranted hysterical over
Ed’s brother with “this is a test of
His character” crap and that Mili
Was “willing to stab the UK in
The back” was a fact.

It was shockingly crass and the
Country, en mass, knew the nasty
Was just getting started with tat.

But when Sophie at Sky looked
To Ed for reply he just sighed for
The grubby, demeaning and sly
And with marvellous, dignified
Rising above, he proceeded to
Shove the Con’s desperate farce
Right on back up their morally
Impacted arse.

Prime Ministerial Material

Prime Ministerial Material –
What’s that, when it’s at home?

You know: as in the one where
someone shows the qualities
of leadership and vision that’s
sufficiently proficient unto
governing the State.

Our politics is vying for the lack
of it and yet it’s all the rage,
among necrotic lip-sync media
and no, mate, actually, it’s not a
secret, got a bit too clever quips

Well, anyway, Westminster and
his wife are framing anxious for
the People not to recognise the
answer any more.

And what is it?
You may well ask!
A blast from out the olde past
by order and degree – a leader
lording arbitrarily
over you and you and me?

Or heretofore a dream of one,
agreed, is really of the We?

Well, then, yes, please!
That would be great!
When can you start?
Say, May, the eighth?

The Kingdom’s crying out
for one whose lens portends
the socio-economic sense of
open hearts and wiser heads…

Wake up!

Between the seeming
life and death
of modern gods
and sleeping lords
by aeons touched
is just a breath
of consciousness
arisen in dimensions dreamed
by Human Beings being
Wake up! Wake up!
You’ve slept enough.