The Cons favour populism over competence

Only a political party, desperate to be popular with the blindsided, the dim and the I’m alright Jacks would introduce a law to guarantee no rises in income tax, VAT or NI over a parliamentary term. Only a fiscally incompetent political party, utterly determined to manifest its ideological obsession with shrinking the duties of State would come up such a gimmick.

Only a party that felt it needed to persuade the public of its trustworthiness would devise a law which simultaneously showed how little it trusts itself to keep a promise that, particularly with regards to income tax, it shouldn’t be making at all.

The Cons must have concluded that it’s much more important to be popular than to be fiscally competent and to serve the national interest they so love to talk up. Only a fool or a rogue would think this latest gimmick was an economically sensible act or that the Conservative Party was the least bit serious about the privilege of public office.

This is about reducing ‘the size’ of the State – a favourite trope of the neoliberal and the taking liberties type of libertarian – and reducing the size of the State, by cutting public services, depends on the Government not raising tax revenue. This is what this utterly reckless rubbish is really about. [Just as is subsidising employers to pay serf wages through the taxes of an ever dwindling pool of taxpayers and crowing about lifting people out of the income tax threshold even though they can’t live on their wages no matter how many hours of work they can find and then cutting their taxpayer-sourced top-up benefits. This way, the Cons get rid of public services and taxpayers.]

They are not fiscally responsible. They are not public servants. They are not compassionate. They are a barrier to progress and sustainability. They are a liability to every decent citizen. Their values are twisted. Vote them out.


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