The Desperate Cons

In the election campaign
The Cons sought to gain
By their old chestnut tune
Of scaremongering doom
That the Left in its rising
Would be our demise –
Well, now, what a surprise!

And so, leaking their hubris
All over the place, the Cons
Hastened to prove their
Credentials and taste with a
Foot-shooting wheeze that
Blew back in their face.

And the country collapsed
Into giggles and wonder at
How low the Tories would
Stoop just to blunder

(for only the day before,
Osborne did thunder most
righteous for non-doms
concerned with their plunder)

but still there was more…

For the Tories let loose
Drama Queen, Michael Fallon
To show Callme’s crack potted
Team of top talent.

On air in the studios, one after
Other, he ranted hysterical over
Ed’s brother with “this is a test of
His character” crap and that Mili
Was “willing to stab the UK in
The back” was a fact.

It was shockingly crass and the
Country, en mass, knew the nasty
Was just getting started with tat.

But when Sophie at Sky looked
To Ed for reply he just sighed for
The grubby, demeaning and sly
And with marvellous, dignified
Rising above, he proceeded to
Shove the Con’s desperate farce
Right on back up their morally
Impacted arse.


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