A Few of Callme’s Unsavoury Things

Call me a mirror man
Call me myopic
Call me a PR con
Call me entropic
Call me a faker
Of them and us plots
Call me a taker
Of piss and pot shots

Call me a hypocrite
Call me a bully
Call me a woolly clot
Dancing by pulleys
Call me an arrogant
Carrion tool
Call me Establishment’s
Second-rate fool

Call me intransigent
Call me a logjam
Call me a yesteryear
Reforming yes man
Call me adept at
Inept leadership
Call me a servant
Who’s badly equipped

Call me incompetent
Call me a classist
Call me a jumped-up
Aspiring fascist
Call me too big for
Mahogany boots
Call me elitist right
Down to my roots

Call me compassionate
Call me an actor
Call me a coward
Behind the Max Factor
Call me a status quo
Preserving man
But call me
Please Callme Dave
So that I can.

3 thoughts on “A Few of Callme’s Unsavoury Things

    • It’s a lovely thought and I take it as a great compliment, thank you. Alas, I don’t know/am not confident about how to go about it properly and, also, most of my verses are more like cartoons, being topical and might date, too quickly and seem irrelevant. What I’d really love is something like the cartoon space in a national paper, once or twice a week. There! My secret is out! 😉 xx

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