Love 4×10

Kabir, at Everyday Zen nominated me to participate in a poetic ‘spread the love’ exercise. His lovely contribution can be seen here. The rules were: write a love poem with 10 lines. Each line must consist of 4 words and must include the word ‘love’. At the end of the poem, attach a favourite love quote. I invite/nominate anyone who wants to, to join in.

Herein is Love’s secret:
Love is the Light
Of the Whole. Love
Tests. Advances Souls. Love
Begets. Love forgets; regrets,
Yet Love forgives. Is
Doubly blessed. Love is
A gift that Loves
Through us for Love,
Love is a verb.

‘True love is stronger than a thousand deaths; for, though one die a thousand times, a single love may yet perpetuate itself past every death from birth to birth, growing and culminating in intensity and might.’ ~ Anna (Bonus) Kingsford, Clothed With The Sun


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