Of and For and By

Once upon a time
It was agreed that in
The absence of a visible,
Hands-on god and in the
Face of feudal despots,
Better polity of Peoples be
Democracy in service to
The highest aspirations of
A free and Just Society.

Of the People
For the People
By the People,
Once it was conceived,
Was manifestly brief
As rapidly the novelty
Induced complacent sleep
And rendered exploitation
Easy, powerful and cheap.

Some said it was relieved by
The persistent cronyism and
Its propaganda meeting with
An apathy and disconnect; that
The effect was cynicism in a
Feed-back loop, reducing down
The future to rebranded fruits
Of stale imagination.

And this was true, in all
Through Of
And For
And By
The cowardice of artifice
Successive generations
Of collusion had supplied
Until contempt on every side
Could be perceived as
Contributing to Democracy’s


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