Nigel Farage equivocates his inner spark (again)

The People’s Army’s jolly Chief of the General Staff,
whose inner motivation sparked
another ghastly vision of his yearning for
the follies of the past, remarked:

I’d scrap this damned Equality Act
that puts us on a level
with the European devil;
telling me that I am just the same
as those I try so hard to blame.

For years I’ve led the nation
in the art of dark recrimination;
crafted an irrational hate
in passion for old-fashioned state.

Of course we should discriminate
for others’ fates
according to our personal tastes.
Quick! Man the gates!

And anyway, an anti-ist and -ism law
is “out of date” the old fart underscored.
I think our kingdom was a better place before,
say, forty, fifty years ago
(or several centuries more.)
Besides, where is the bigot’s right to hide?
the dinosaur guffawed.

But a nifty spokesman for the kippered ones,
foreseeing consternation, swiftly sought to reassure,
placating: Nigel speaks for everyone
who lives in times of pure and silly-simple yore

and then of course, anticipating indignation,
came predictably expedient reframe,
as shifting, shameless Farage head-bobbed
ever keen, his own views of dystopia
to rapidly disparage…

[Some had,
quite wilfully misinterpreted the words he said
and should have heard the ones he spoke out loud
instead of cheerfully exposing the hysterics
underpinning UKIP’s ethics
and ignoring all the merits of a chauvinistic bloke
to undermine the monochrome myopia
that makes his potty party colour-blind
and spoil his little xenophobic joke.]


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