Shocked but not surprised

They lied?
On every side?
They spied
On all and any who?
Reprised the bad guys
Are the good guys
In disguise
To verify each madly
Badly crafted ruse?
And every time
A People rise
They buy the means
To interfere
And terrify
To confuse?
… You what?
They turn a profit
On the spoils
Whenever non-compliant tyrants
Or choose to fight
Until they lose
Or die?
And they cry rivers
Full of blood and oil
And send the bill to you?
And, what?
They mock
And block your doubt
About the methods
They’re so wont to use?
Made everyone
So scared and ill-prepared
You say
‘Til no one’s got a clue
Of what is best to do
That few will even try?
And some are still not even
Asking why
We’re being taken
For a ride?
You might be shocked
But are you still surprised?


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