Sunday Service

This morning I watched the most dreadfully facile newspaper review on ‘the Andrew Marr Show’. Yes, I know it’s not that good on a good day but it serves. If only to prove that even on Sundays, there’s neither test nor rest for the wicked.

Alistair Campbell and Christiane Amanpour bleating diabolical for the crony cause with scaremonger blah, blah – warmonger blah, blah. Putin: hybrid, deniability, classic neo-totalitarian, blah blah come-to-Jesus moment (Good lord! Really, Christiane?). Bully (Andrew’s joining in, now). Takeaway: Putin evil; West good. Period. Not a courtship dance through a mirror darkly, then? On to things Death Cult actual. How seamlessly they do that.. Moving on to Skunk: evil. Oh, but have you tried mainstream news analysis, I asked the television…

I even stomached that Lib Dem turncoat, Danny Alexander (oh, BBC, why do you bother..?) and I listened to William Hague do the classic (neo) pot-and-kettle act and thought about how his word cloud would be mainly defence and anything of which stable is a root. Makes a change from national interest, I supposed. But don’t worry: after all the reckless and, some might say, needless provocations that his school of thought has supplied to the world, he still expects to deliver diplomatic solutions. Phew, eh?

Andrew asks him about EVEL. (Ah, don’t you just love a homonym?) Oh, bless him! William just wants unity – by English discretion (the Devil’s in the details). What’s that, William? Chaos? For organised evil, vote Tory?

Step away. And breathe..

I turned over to ‘Murnaghan’ on Sky News and saw that appalling, shouty Kippy woman, Louise Bours was on (Another homonym! Now that’s just spoiling me). Oh, no you don’t, I thought and, resisting the temptation to let her let me wind myself up I turned back to BBC’s ‘The Big Questions’. Topic: Does Satan Exist? Oh, Silly, he’s on a campaigning holiday somewhere. Parliament’s in recess until Monday.

Gods help us.


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